October 9 –12, 2014
Culver City, CA

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We here at IndieCade are dedicated to the discovery, development and recognition of independent artists and developers from around the world. Our mission is to encourage, promote and cultivate innovation and artistry in interactive media and to champion those efforts. The organization of a series of local and international events celebrating the best and forefront of indie games is our way to show our commitment to the industry, to the community, and the players. The IndieCade Festival. It’s a Celebration. Come join us.


September 02, 2014 IndieXchange

IndieXchange sessions are designed to help intermediate and advanced developers push each other up to the next level. It's a full-day opportunity to network with peers, attend clinics & master classes, and discuss common challenges & opportunities. Past sessions have included topics such as developing successful team management strategies, getting the most out of rapid development, fundraising for your production, starting a business, getting noticed, promoting your game, diversity and legal issues. Additional panels provide specific information about how to develop for the major platforms like Sony PlayStation, Microsoft, Nintendo and more.

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Check out Game U

September 02, 2014 Check out Game U

GameU is a special conference at the IndieCade Festival of Independent Games that focuses on pulling back the curtain on the game development process, and the work that game designers do. Topics include introductions to multiple types of programming, various game design techniques, live development demonstrations, beginning art for games, game audio - even tips on what to look for in university programs and forming long-term career plans.

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Here are some of the fantastic games that have been featured at IndieCade. Click the images to out more about each game. There's some real magic in here!


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