IndieCade Festival 2015

Are you ready for this year's festival? We're ecstatic! This year's dates: October 22-25, 2015, Culver City, CA.

Last Year's Awards

See the recipients from last year's festival!

What is IndieCade?

We here at IndieCade are dedicated to the discovery, development and recognition of independent artists and developers from around the world. Our mission is to encourage, promote and cultivate innovation and artistry in interactive media and to champion those efforts.

IndieCade Festival: Our flagship festival featuring indie games from around the world, our annual award show celebrating the winners, and a three-day conference in beautiful Culver City, California. October 22-25, 2015.

IndieCade Showcase @ E3: Our showcase at E3 poses a selection of indie games alongside games by the biggest studios in the industry. June 16-18, 2015.

IndieCade East: Why should the West Coast have all the fun? IndieCade East is the festival’s sarcastic, all-black-wearing cousin. February 13-15, 2015 (Passed).

We also hold events and showcases around the year, such as the Leap Motion 3D Jam presented by IndieCade.

Games at E3 2015

Check out the games that were featured at IndieCade Showcase at E3! From mobile games to VR to tabletop games, we had the most unique games at the show.

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Tickets on sale!

Tickets for the festival are on sale! Get your ticket now for $395 - that's $130 off the regular price. This sale ends July 1st!

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Post Art to the #ArtWall!

The #ArtWall is a community effort to help artists connect with indie gamemakers and fans. We’re looking to fill our #ArtWall with beautiful, inspiring, radical work from artists in our community. Post your fan-art, concept sketches, character designs, and animations and we’ll share our favorites with our 80,000+ followers!

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Here are some of the fantastic games that have been featured at IndieCade. Click the images to out more about each game. There's some real magic in here!


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