Flight Simulator

Hosni Auji

Flight Simulator is a game where the player is a passenger, not the pilot. Aboard a commercial airliner, the player decides how they want to spend time at their window seat while waiting out their transatlantic flight's real-time duration – leaving the rest to modern aviation.

Why a Passenger Simulator? Flight has, almost always, been this elusive dream – synonymous with freedom and exhilaration. Yet, flying, as it currently pertains to our daily lives, could not be further from this lofty euphoric fantasy. Instead, flight is a bureaucratic, highly controlled and depersonalizing process. Aside from adhering to protocol, all that is really asked of you is to manage your boredom without disturbing others. And if thinking about being 38,000ft above the ground in a large pressurized soup can makes you anxious, think about something else.

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