The Klaxo Radio Hour

Haunted Ephemera

The Klaxo Radio Hour is an interactive narrative installation centered around a customized “vintage” radio designed by Jesse Vigil and Martzi Campos. The radio sits in an “exhibition” of memorabilia from a forgotten old time radio drama, but the radio has a secret: it’s haunted.

Upon activation, players find themselves hearing a lost episode of “Kat Keene: Investigator,” but one that seems strangely aware of the audience listening.  The players gathered around the radio soon find they control what happens next by turning the radio’s dial. Each time plucky detective Kat Keene has a choice to make, the listeners tune the radio and help her along.

More than just branching choices, there are environments to explore, characters to discover, and an enigmatic presence that offers the “deal of a lifetime” to players who must choose whether or not to trust and aid that presence. Half the game hides on seemingly “dead” channels the game does not explicitly call out, leaving players to explore the spectrum, talk over the clues, and aid Kat in not only solving the mystery, but breaking the curse of the radio before they too become its victims.

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