IndieCade Festival
October 23-25, 2015
Culver City, CA

IndieCade IndieXchange
October 22, 2015
Culver City, CA

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Submissions for IndieCade Festival 2015 are now closed.

IndieCade Festival 2015 Submissions

IndieCade was established to create vibrant festivals and showcases dedicated to independent games and open to the public. It is our goal to showcase exciting and innovative new work, host productive networking environments, hold important discussions, and have fun.

IndieCade invites independent game artists and designers from around the world to submit interactive media of all types for inclusion in our 2015 Festival. Works-in-progress are encouraged.

A diverse jury of leaders from industry, academia, fine arts and indie development will select our annual finalists and assign top awards at the IndieCade 2015 Festival. All entries for the Festival will also receive consideration for presentation at IndieCade Showcases.

It is IndieCade's ultimate goal to bring the eye of the public and industry to your games. IndieCade is an independent organization. All submission fees are used specifically to cover the costs associated with processing your submission and you are also provided with a Festival pass that provides complimentary particpation in the IndieXchange and feedback on your game. Regular submissions is $80 USD and late submissions $ 110 USD. Read below to find out what you get for your fees in more detail.

For more details about the submissions process and qualifications please read below or check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you want to contact us directly, can answer your specific questions.

Submission Dates

IndieCade will be accepting game submissions through May 1, 2015..
Late submissions will be accepted from May 2 to June 1 (11:59 pm PDT) for an additional processing fee.

What do I get for submitting?

  • All games submitted are considered by the jury to become finalists for IndieCade Festival 2015 and for the IndieCade Awards.
  • All games submitted are eligible to be considered by IndieCade curators for display as an Official Selection at IndieCade Festival 2015.
  • All games submitted to IndieCade by May 1st are eligible for any IndieCade showcase, whether or not that game is selected by the jury as a finalist.
  • All team members who submit a game and RSVP by August 15th will receive compliementary passes and participation eligibility to IndieCade’s IndieXchange. The IndieXchange has two components, the first being an individual matchmaking service for networking and meeting with publishers, arts leaders, and potential funders. This includes both a remote and an in-person component. The second is an invitation to a series of practical workshops held on-site on October 22nd 2015, the day prior to IndieCade’s main conference. To opt-in to this program, you must indicate this on your submission form. This invitation-only program is free-of-charge for developers who submit to IndieCade. Passes, In-person meetings, and workshop space are limited so you must RSVP as soon as possible.
  • Finalist submissions will also receive a free conference pass.
  • Through IndieCade's new system for feedback, we will provide all games submitted with a solid, detailed review from a hand-selected reviewer.

What do I get if you are selected for a showcase?

  • All of the basic benefits listed above for submitting your game.
  • Gamemakers and their teams will be supplied with passes to any showcase event to which they are selected. They will also be invited to all related social events.
  • Games and gamemakers will be featured on the IndieCade website and promoted though IndieCade social media and traditional publicity channels (media releases, publicists).
  • IndieCade will provide finalists with standard PC computers/consoles, monitors, headphones, and signs for your game. Developers of mobile games may be asked to bring their own devices. Developers of custom installation, pervasive, performance, or other alternative genres should plan on bringing their own specialized equipment, although standard equipment such as projection and display monitors may be provided by IndieCade. Board game developers are expected to provide a playable copy of their game.

What do I get if I am selected as a finalist for the festival?

  • All of the basic benefits listed above for submitting your game.
  • All finalist games are considered for all award categories.
  • Gamemakers and their teams will be supplied two VIP all-access tickets to IndieCade 2015 and the accompanying awards celebration.
  • Gamemakers and their teams will be invited to all social events associated with IndieCade, as well as featured VIP receptions and gatherings.
  • IndieCade will provide finalists with standard PC computers/consoles, monitors, headphones, and signs for your game. Developers of mobile games may be asked to bring their own devices. Developers of custom installation, pervasive, performance, or other alternative genres should plan on bringing their own specialized equipment, although standard equipment such as projection and display monitors may be provided by IndieCade. Board game developers are expected to provide a playable copy of their game.
  • IndieCade will feature all finalist games and teams on the website and promote them via social media. This includes an online developer profile as part of IndieCade online festival promotion. IndieCade’s publicists will promote the games via traditional strategies prior to the event and will be on hand at the event to promote the games.

How do I submit?

Standard submissions close May 1, 2015, and late submissions close June 1, 2015. To submit your game, please follow the process outlined below:

  1. Fill out the online entry form.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. Submit the processing fee prior to the deadline.
  4. Upload, postmark, or supply a link or a minimum of three download codes for your game by midnight (11:59 PM PDT) on May 1, 2015 for standard submissions or June 1 for late submissions. For games that require custom builds, UDID, console accounts for gifting, or other such information, you must clearly a) provide required information and b) state the information you need to submit the playable build, and you will be supplied with this information as jurors are assigned to your game. For iOS games, we have an anonymous process for transferring UDIDs through the jury system anonymous email and then ask you to create a custom builds of your game for these unique UDIDs.
  5. You may save and edit your submission as many times as you want; please know, however, once the initial juror begins to review your game s/he may not see the same version as a later juror.
  6. Once you hit the submit button, you may continue to update your submission until the deadline, May 1, 2015 for standard submissions or June 1, 2015 for late submissions, at which point all submissions will close and no further changes may be made to your submission.
  7. IMPORTANT: Only paid submissions will be considered. Be sure and pay for your submission prior to the deadline. Unpaid submissions will not be marked as complete and will not be eligible for review or inclusion in IndieCade’s Festival or Showcases.

Submission Processing Deadlines and Fees

Regular submissions are open until May 1, 2015 ; late submissions will be accepted until June 1, 2015.

IndieCade is an independent organization. All submission fees are used specifically and entirely to cover the costs associated with processing your submission. Please see the FAQ sheet for more specific information for exactly where the money from your fees pay for.

Submissions require a $80 processing fee and close May 1, 2015, late submissions will be accepted from May 1, 2015 – June 1, 2015 for a $110 processing fee.

If you have a discount code you may apply only one code per entry. Discount codes are only applicable for the regular submission. If you are in need of a scholarship, please fill out the appropriate form in the submission form or send an email directly to

Why do you charge so much money to submit a game and where does my money go?
IndieCade is an independent organization and volunteers-based organization, - no one is getting rich on this. We are probably as indie as you are, if not more so. Fees are directly applied to the cost to do the best job we can to review, respect, and jury your games.

Game processing fees are applied directly to the following;
1) Submissions and jury software development: IndieCade has built a custom system and continues to build and maintain this system;
2) Reviews: Developers have asked for better reviews and based on your input we are initiating an expanded review process and true coverage system, you will get a solid detailed review from a hand selected reviewer, but this costs us a substantial part of the fees to be able to provide this;
3) And finally a percentage of the fees go to the annual server and storage fees, as well as payment system fees. Note; For more information please visit the FAQ.


I’m not sure if I qualify as an independent game. How can I know?

Simply put, independent games are games that come from the heart, that follow a creative vision, rather than a marketing bottom line. Independent developers are not owned by or beholden to outside forces. This means that they generally have smaller budgets than mainstream games, but they also have the freedom to innovate and to enlarge our conception of games and game audiences. Indie developers can run the gamut from artists, to academic researchers, to students, to emerging development studios striving to make the next big indie hit, and to developers with strong AAA backgrounds. They can be one person or a large team. They may be internally funded, funded by crowdsourcing, funded by a studio that produces mainstream games, by an association with a university, school or non-profit institution, funded by grants or private investors, or not funded at all! The key is that they create games based on their own unique vision. Please feel free to contact us If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you figure it out.

What do you mean by 'game'?

We use the term “game” very broadly to mean interactive entertainment, art, non-digital games, all types of hybrid games, educational or documentary interactive works and more. These can be in established genres, or they can push the envelope of our traditional understanding and definition of the word “game.” It is the role of independent work to push the envelope. Interactive entertainment of all types, including virtual worlds, puzzles, augmented reality games, alternate reality games, big games, installations, interactive narratives, 2D, 3D, mobile, experimental, web-based games, and social games, are all acceptable. We also welcome such alternative content as serious games, documentary games, activist games, learning games, and other forms that fall outside the traditional categories of entertainment and traditional definitions of the term “game.”

Does my game need to be finished for me to submit?

No. Understanding the challenges of independent development, works-in-progress are not only permitted, but encouraged.

Does my work have to be a computer game?

No. All games are not only welcome, but encouraged. We look forward to seeing all ideas and formats.

Submission requirements:

Submission to or inclusion in other festivals does not preclude eligibility in any way. Previously submitted games may be resubmitted provided they:
1) Were not awards recipients in a previous IndieCade Festival;
2) Have undergone significant changes since the last submitted version;
3) We suggest a new or altered name that clearly indicates a different version. There is no age requirement for submission.

IndieCade has an inclusive submissions policy and invites submissions of all styles and genres of games, including PC, browser-based, casual, puzzle, mobile, ARGs, Big Games and installation-based games (submitted via video if not playable on-site), mods (provided they conform to game engine licensing agreements), serious games, documentary games, activist games, art games, virtual worlds and "sandbox" style games, and more! We also welcome student games and games developed by universities, schools and non-profit organizations. All types are not only welcome; they are encouraged. Innovation is the name of the game.

Works in progress are permitted and encouraged, but they should include at least one finished, playable level.

All game content and copyrighted material must be fully owned by the designers/developers; if outside material is used, legal permission must be secured or your game will be disqualified. If you plan to submit a work that is on a non-standard game operating system (e.g., Linux, Atari), please plan to submit review hardware and have a representative on-site to be responsible for installation, or to supply hardware with the game fully installed to the Festival.

Submission Schedule

All games may be updated until the deadline, at which point all submission close (at midnight - 11:59PM PST - on May 1, 2015 and June 1, 2015 for late submissions). Submissions will be confirmed within one week of completion.

Entries will be selected by a diverse jury consisting of game designers, artists, curators and academics.

Finalists will be contacted by August 31, 2015. All entrants are informed of their games’ status before any official announcement is made. Rejection notices will be accompanied with feedback from the jurors if it is available.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions, need translation assistance, or have difficulty with any of these steps, please contact us.

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