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About Us

All volunteer workforce

The members of the community help IndieCade to keep going because we love games. We want games to be recognized for their innovation and artistry. We all work to help create a public perception of games as rich, diverse, artistic, and culturally significant.

Open community (Not exclusive)

As long as you are interested in games that challenge, expand horizons, and are enjoyable then you are a welcome addition to the IndieCade community.

Sponsor supported

Even with the volunteer support, putting on the festival takes hundreds of thousands of dollars. IndieCade is 100% independent. This means we aren’t owned by a major corporation and must find appropriate sponsors in order to make this festival happen every year. When we partner with a sponsor we work hard to make sure that we stick to our commitment to showcasing and bringing to public quality and meaningful games.


IndieCade Team

IndieCade Festival

Stephanie Barish
CEO of IndieCade
Drea Clark
Festival Producer
Sam Roberts
Festival Director
Celia Pearce
Festival Chair
Erin Shaver
Operations Manager
Logan Brown
Assistant Producer
Riley Pietsch
GameMaker Relations
Amy Allison
Marketing Coordinator
Ami Blaire
Marketing Team (from LevelUp)
Mei Dean Francis
Tech Coordinator/ Manger
Spring Lee
Communications Manager
Brianna Lei
Social Media Coordinator
Ben Landis
Social Media Coordinator
Colm Seeley
Community Manager
Alicia Vance
Volunteer Coordinator for E3 2013

IndieCade Chairs

Matt Parker
IndieCade East Chair
Aaron Isaksen
IndieCade East Chair
Margaret Robertson
East Conference Chair
Kevin Cancienne
East Conference Chair
Brenda Romero
Conference & Festival Chair
John Sharp
Conference & Festival Chair
Chaim Gingold
Conference & Festival Chair
Jeremy Gibson
Game U/IndieXchange Chair
Drew Davison
Well Played Chair
Max Temkin
Joeseph Sklover
Big Games Chair
Robin Arnott
Night Games Chair
Taiyoung Ryu
Asia Chair

IndieCade East & IndieCade Annex Coordinators

Robin Arnott
Night Games Chair, Annex Austin
Robert Lach
Annex Chicago
Davey Wreden
Annex Austin
Sam Love
MMI Organizer
Jason Eppink
MMI Curator