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IndieCade East Returns February 2014!
February 14-16, 2014 | Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, Queens, NYC

After a huge first year on the East Coast, IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games, returns to NYC this February. Join us for a weekend of play and ideas, featuring amazing games and the brilliant independent creators who make them. And for the first time in IndieCade history, we’re opening up the talk submission process for the conference portion of the festival. Send us your talk ideas!

IndieCade East

Learn more about IndieCade East at the Museum of the Moving Image

Letter from the Conference Co-Chairs, Margaret Robertson and Kevin Cancienne

For many independent game makers, ourselves included, Indiecade has been been a source of inspiration and a seedbed for community - we’re enormously excited to have this opportunity to set the frame for this year’s event.

The independent games scene has grown explosively over the last five years, claiming its place as a vibrant and diverse piece of our culture. But as we began planning this year’s conference, we felt the urge zoom out a bit on this incredible phenomenon. If the spirit of experimentation, diverse expression, and creative freedom that has fueled this explosion is going to be more than a passing fashion, what conversations ought we to be having? What voices have we still not heard from? How do we tend to this international movement which has given us so much, and care for the individuals it is composed of?

As we open up the process and accept talk proposals for the first time, we also wanted to suggest talk topics that we hope help explore some of these issues. To better understand where we’re going, we want to remember where we’ve come from, and how we got here. In the belief that a healthy ecosystem is a diverse one, we want to explore the different definitions of what it means to be “indie,” and how people are getting it done.

We’re sure - just like indie games themselves - more vibrant and diverse conversations will emerge between now and February. We look forward to sharing them with you in New York. See you there!

IndieCade East

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Letter from the IndieCade East Chair, Matt Parker

When we first had the idea for IndieCade East, there were many doubters (myself among them). Was there a need for another IndieCade? Would developers come to New York? Was there a way to make IndieCade East share IndieCade's values, yet be it's own entity? Would people come?

Last Feburary, those questions were answered with a resounding "HELL YEAH!" The community, the public, and the press all showed up in force, creating a dynamic, diverse, and enthusiastic atmosphere. So, we are not only bringing IndieCade East back, and we're making it bigger and better. As we grow IndieCade East, I'm excited to announce the addition of Conference Chairs Kevin Cancienne and Margaret Robertson, and Festival Chair Aaron Isaksen.

With this new and improved East team, the existing core IndieCade team, and our amazing hosts at the Museum of the Moving Image, we're going to improve on our amazing first year. More talks, less crowding. New exciting events. More of the indie games you love, including a 2 month exhibition including IndieCade Award winners from 2013, as well as some of the most ground breaking Indie games of the last decade.

We're are so excited to be bring back IndieCade East to New York. We hope you guys will join us a again!