Letters from the IndieCade East Co-Chairs

Independent games, whether digital or non-digital, are in a maelstrom of transformation. New contexts of play, new audiences, new technologies, new themes--what games are and who plays games is more difficult to define than ever. The beating heart of this movement, the game makers themselves, are pushing more boundaries, challenging more norms, and shattering our notions of what games are only to rebuild them again. And yet, this maelstrom has a center and a margin: those who are in the middle of things, and those who are part of the movement but perhaps not as visible.

This year’s Indiecade East wants to peel back the layers of what we call independent games. We want to acknowledge established independent developers along with those who are not as well known, be they newcomers looking to find their voices or veterans who have not been given their due attention. We want modders, authors of interactive fiction, homebrew game developers, and more--people who may not have traditionally been thought of as being game makers, but to whom the art and craft of indie games owes much.

Last year’s Indiecade East featured an exemplary roster of diverse speakers, so our goal is to repeat and surpass that this year, emphasizing a range of human experience typically not found at most conferences and festivals. We want players, thinkers, and artists from everywhere.

We hope you can join us to celebrate the variety and richness of independent games at Indiecade East 2015. Everybody’s welcome.

Clara Fernández-Vara and Matthew Weise
IndieCade East Co-Chairs

Hey everyone! I’m Toni Pizza, one of this year’s IndieCade East Co-Chairs. My first introduction to IndieCade was two years ago at the first IndieCade East, where I found myself running around having a marvelous time. Since that first Night Games, I haven’t missed an IndieCade! This is a place I connected with other game designers and enthusiasts in new ways--we listened carefully, we discussed things deeply, and we played games together.

This year, as IndieCade East Co-Chairs we are building on our previous successes and finding new ways to support the indie community. Instead of bringing back the same old voices who headline every conference, we’re bringing in a whole new line-up of speakers and experiences to the stage! This year we’ve teamed up with Conference Chairs Clara Fernandez-Vara and Matthew Weise, Festival Chair Jamey Shafer, E-Sports Chair Simon Ferrari, and the core IndieCade Team to bring you more exciting content from even more corners of the indie game world.

As always, we’re working to expand our reach to different groups of people to include the many perspectives and experiences of all types indies out there, including newcomers and folks working on projects we don’t normally hear about. We are dedicated to show there is no one right way to be an indie, but rather many different pathways to Indie success.

We’re ready to play, are you?

Toni Pizza
IndieCade East Co-Chair


  • IndieCade East - February 13-15th, 2015


  • The Museum of the Moving Image
    36-01 35th Ave
    New York, NY 11106



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