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IndieCade East eSports Showcase

The IndieCade East eSports Showcase hosted by Simon Ferrari provides a safe space for friendly competition among those dedicated to elite levels of video skill. Challenge your friends to one-on-one electronic duels, chase each other's high scores, and form teams to compete for glory in the indie sports of tomorrow.


Foiled by Unblanched Peanuts

Foiled is a two-player dueling game centered around a simple yet deceptively deep slashing system. Steal a fallen enemy's soul and dunk it to score.


Gunsport by Necrosoft

Mixed pairs mix volleyball and lasers to great effect in this ultracool sport of the future. Keepers get two shots, strikers get one. Every time the ball crosses the net toward you, you reload automatically. Every time the ball crosses the net in any direction, it's worth one more point, so sets get doubly hype as time goes on.


knitez by Glitchnap

Four ultranoble LAZA KNITEZ from the technofuture meet on a field of mindblowing hypercombat. In this free-for-all twitch shooter, steer a speeder to line up shots from your precision laser lance. Nab power-ups to dominate the field and generally throw chivalry out the window.


Nidhogg by MESSHOF

The grandaddy of competitive indie games emerges three years after winning the IGF Nuovo award with new maps, animations, and moves. Fancy footwork and stunning swordplay. Infinite, immediate respawns. Gain the initiative and storm your opponent's endzone. Nidhogg demands pixellated blood.

Particle Mace MP

Particle Mace MP by Andy Wallace

Particle Mace is a game about swinging a bundle of barbs into your enemies in hostile space. It's a free-for-all deathmatch for four players, mixing a classic arcade perspective with novel physics-based play. Supporting multiple offensive styles with its array of unique ship types, it encourages rhythmic motion and nuanced spatial control.


Stikbold by Reign Bros

Stikbold is a whacky, fast-paced dodgeball simulation for six players. The first time a player is struck, she is briefly stunned and receives a halo of stars around her head. For as long as the stars remain, the player is in danger of being eliminated when hit again. But here's the twist: Downed players have a chance to influence the game in chaotic and calculated ways unique to each level!


Videoball by Action Button

VIDEOBALL is an abstract minimalist electronic sport in which two teams compete to push balls into the opposing team's goal. Up to six players move their individual avatars to avoid collisions with others and the walls, while firing projectiles that stun other players and push balls. By holding the fire button, players can charge more powerful shots. Charge for long enough, and you can create a wall to obstruct other players' shots. It's not even a game, it's a slaughter!

Anodyne 100% Speedrun

Anodyne by Analgesic Productions & Speed Demos Archive

David Barber (Chiron97) is a speedrunner. He's a member of the Speed Demos Archive, a group that dissects videogames in order to play through them as quickly as possible. Anodyne is an indie darling released by a tiny student dev studio last year. Watch David handily beat Anodyne at top speed while the game's developer, Sean Hogan, explains what's happening and why! We will also briefly discuss how speedrunners choose the games they master, a developer's relationship to their best players, and the connection between play and performance.