IndieCade Europe:
October 30 - 31, 2017
Paris, France

IndieCade East:
December 1 - 3, 2017
New York City


...&maybetheywontkillyou is a LARP about being poor and Black in America.

About ...&maybetheywontkillyou

Designed at UC Santa Cruz's Games + Playable Media program. ...&maybetheywontkillyou is a LARP about being poor and Black in America.

Developer's Artistic Statement

This experience was created after the police officer that was responsible for the death of Michael Brown was not indicted. Within my own social media sphere there were several people whom did not seem to clearly see what many Black Americas such as myself see often. Which is that society has preconceived notions about us that are often expressed through misguided methods of law enforcement.

I wanted to make an experience that could put those that cannot see the differences in a set of common circumstances in the hopes of building an understanding with one another.

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