IndieCade East
February 16 - 18
New York

Disc Jockey Jockey

Disc Jockey Jockey is an audio game that puts you in the signal chain between big radio voices and a broadcast audience. Control DJ microphones across several FM stations at once. Get the timing right. Keep the airwaves hot.

About Disc Jockey Jockey

A software update was half-installed last night. Now, the DJs can't control their microphones. The company can't afford to take all those radio stations off the air. That's where you come in. Use your FM tuner to listen to the stations. Hear a DJ muttering over the end of a song? Use your hardware mixer to fade them in as the music ends. When the voice wraps up, fade them out and put the music back on. No dead air, no open mics while the music plays. Got it?



Developer Info

Mildmojo is a hobbyist game developer in Lexington, Kentucky. He's exhibited games and interactive artwork at regional events and GDC, and he's a director and founding member of Lexington's RunJumpDev game dev organization. He digs non-traditional input hardware, second-screen games, voice acting, audio production, and thinking about user interfaces. Also cake.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Disc Jockey Jockey is about immersion, feeling uncertain, and making mistakes as you start working with live media. It's about getting sidetracked by the performance and forgetting your cues because you're used to consuming, not producing.

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