IndieCade East
February 16 - 18
New York City

Be Witching

Who will be crowned Witchqueen of the Ball? Be Witching is a creative, imaginative game for four to six players!

About Be Witching

Be Witching is a witch fashion game for four to six players! In the first round, everyone draws an outfit for the Ball! In the second, players talk amongst themselves to decide who is worthy of their awards. Finally, two players square off in an interview round while the other players become judges, deliberating over who should be crowned Witchqueen of the Ball! Be Witching encourages players to celebrate one another's creativity and inventiveness.


Developer Info

Sorry Not Sorry Games makes thoughtful, imaginative, playful games, and is particularly interested in exploring feminine traditions of game-making and storytelling, like paper dolls, fortune tellers, and journal-keeping.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Be Witching is informed by: paper dolls and online dollmakers, reality TV runway shows, and 1980s Ball culture. It's a celebration of femme expression and feminine play styles (drawing and coloring outfits and showing them off). Six different body types are represented in Be Witching, including trans, non-binary, disabled and AMAB (Assigned Male at Birth) bodies. Sorry Not Sorry Games is interested in exploring feminine play traditions that are undervalued in a game-making tradition and games academia obsessed with masculinity.

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