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Created by USC

A landmark in gameplay innovation, Cloud realizes the childhood fantasy of cloud-gazing, allowing players to fly through the sky and draw pictures with clouds. Students at USC wowed the indie game scene in 2006 with this highly innovative game. Moving away from twitch and shooter mechanics, Cloud takes players on a sublime journey through the clouds, which they must learn to herd in the sky to create various shapes and designs. Players can follow the proscribed patterns set out by the game designers or free-draw their own designs which are regularly posted on the game’s community web site. Cloud’s initial release as a downloadable game was such a success that it crashed the USC servers on which it was posted. Cloud’s ingenious design garnered it numerous festival citations and it was named one of the “Top Ten Games You’ve Never Heard Of” in Game Informer Magazine. To-date, Cloud has had over a million players.

IndieCade Year: 2007
Featured Events: IndieCade Festival 2007 (E3, E for All, Game City)



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