IndieCade East
February 16 - 18
New York

The Mirror

About The Mirror

The Mirror is a metaphorical role-playing game about self-image, reflections, and reality. In this interactive story game reminiscent of early text-based RPG's, the player adventures through multiple lives shaped by the stat-generation of a magic Mirror - but can a surface reflection truly reflect the internal measure of an adventurer's talents and destiny?

The message of empowerment and body positivity is powerfully communicated through gameplay and interactive storytelling, connecting with people more deeply than non-interactive media.



Developer Info

Kim McAuliffe - design, writing, art, programming

Developer's Artistic Statement's The Mirror was inspired by the desire to help both close friends and complete strangers struggling with self-image, body acceptance, and mirrors.

After striking out on her own, Kim wanted to make a game that mattered -- a game that could help others. The Mirror originated from her own self-image battles and her obsession with an old Apple ][e text-based role-playing game: The Wonderful World of Eamon.

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