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//Featured Game: The Maw

The Maw, now playing on xBox Live Arcade, is a charming buddy movie of a game, a kind of Ratchet and Clank meets Picmin. The player takes the role of Frank, a benign and affable space alien who partners up with The Maw, a comical purple blob who eats everything in its path. As The Maw grows in size and takes on the characteristics of whatever it consumes, the duo must eat their way through a landscape of wildly imaginative flora and fauna to escape from the bounty hunters who are on hot on their tail. The secret to success lies in getting the Maw to eat the right things to absorb the qualities needed for a given puzzle. This first-effort by U.S. indie studio Twisted Pixel has won critical acclaim, Play Magazine’s Dave Halverson dubbing it “...the kind of purely unexpected game that makes me think anything is possible.”

Created by Twisted Pixel


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