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//Featured Game: Spectre

Spectre is a game about memory from the Vaguely Spectacular Team at USC’s Interactive Media Division.  On a winter night, a man chooses to examine his life through memory and you, the player, guide him through the landscape of his life.  Built on the idea that depending on which memories and moments of a life you examine, a different story will emerge, Spectre forces the player to choose a few memories to examine and explore, and allows a different, emergent narrative to arise from the gameplay on each playthrough.  The player navigates memories through simple platforming and mini-games, and each memory is a small, self contained story that resonates with multiple other memories in the game.  Successive playthroughs build a more and more complete picture of a life, making an effective point about the need to examine a person from multiple perspectives to truly understand him.

Created by Vaguely Spectacular Team / USC IMD Game Innovation Lab


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