Milestones and Rules

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Ingademo rules

InGaDeMo is a challenge, not a contest. It's up to you to decide how much of it you want to engage with. We provide a schedule of milestones and some community tools, but we won't enforce any specific deadlines or bar you from participating if you don't do all of it…that's up to you and your creative conscience.

Milestone Schedule

February 20th - KICKOFF
  • Let’s get started!
February 28th - First Playable
  • You have assembled your sweet idea into something playable, a prototype you can begin testing with other people. It will be rough, it might be ugly, but goshdarnit- it can be played.
March 6th - Three Playtests
  • You have played your prototype at least three times with friends/strangers. Extra challenge: Play with completely different people every time.
March 13th - Second Playable
  • You have made edits and tweaks based on playtester feedback and created a second iteration of your game. This version might look a lot different than your first, or it might be a subtle refinement. Either way, it is ready to be tested again.
March 16th - First Written Rules
  • Before, you may have been leading your playtests, explaining to players how your game works. Not anymore! Now you have a first draft of written rules. Go watch players try to learn your game on their own.
March 20th - Three More Playtests
  • You have completed three additional playtests, relying on your written rules to teach how to play. Extra challenge: Be a silent observer as your playtesters decipher your rules and play.
March 23rd - Third Playable, Second Written Rules
  • You have a third version of your game and a second draft of your written rules. The end is in sight!
March 27th - Three More Playtests
  • You have conducted three additional playtests using the new version of your game and second ruleset.
March 30th - Fourth Playable, Third Written Rules
  • You have completed a fourth version of your game and a new, third draft of your written rules. We’re in the final stretch. Time for final playtesting and polish before the deadline!
April 3rd - Final Version!
  • You have finished your game! You have a final version with complete written rules. It has a name, maybe it even has a box! You’re done!


The first rule of InGaDeMo is: Talk about InGaDeMo.

The second rule of InGaDeMo is: Seriously, DO talk about InGaDeMo! You're doing something awesome here! Let people know about it, ask them to play your game, and get some playtest feedback. Whether it's on the InGaDeMo blogs or across social media using @IndieCade & #InGaDeMo, sharing your progress is one of the most exciting parts of the jam

The third rule of InGaDemo is: You must be 13 or older (or teamed up with a parent) to take part in InGaDeMo.

The fourth rule of InGaDeMo is: Show up. If you sign up to host a playtest, please follow through, and in general, try to show up to as many playtests as possible. The more people play your game and the more feedback you get, the better your game will be.

The fifth and most important rule of InGaDeMo is: Be excellent to each other. Making games is hard, passions can run high, but we’re all in this together.
As an IndieCade event, InGaDemo falls under the IndieCade codes of conduct, outlined in the IndieCade Values page


Q. So can I join late?

A. Absolutely! We're happy to have you. Feel free to take advantage of any of the resources we've provided, and adjust the schedule as best you see fit to get your game done. This isn't a contest, rather, it's a schedule and a community to help you design and develop a tabletop game.

Q. Do I have to start from scratch?

A. We encourage it, but we aren't the game police. I know it's tough, since we've all got a ton of cool ideas bouncing around in our heads, but part of the strength of this experience is that it all takes place in just 6 weeks.

Q. What do you mean by "tabletop game"?

A. One of the major goals we're interested in is making a game that can be played simultaneously by multiple co-located people. We want to help you make more games for people to play and enjoy together, usually seated around a table. Now, the game on that table could be paper, cards, digital, whatever… but you should make sure it's something you can easily transport to one of our playtests, and it doesn't hurt if you can toss it in a backpack to break out among your friends.

Q. What if I don't finish?

A. You know what, that's okay too! You should really post something as the final InGaDeMo build of your game, but it's absolutely okay for you to keep working on it and making it even better.

Q. What if I'm not yet 13 years old?

A. Kids and parents making games together is awesome! So, if you want to make a game and aren't yet 13 years old, please have a parent or guardian register on the site and post content for you. This is due to compliance with the federal Child Online Privacy and Protection Act.

You may view the terms and conditions of the InGaDeMo here.