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InGaDeMo 2016 – Indie Game Design Month

Welcome to the InGaDeMo 2016 Game Jam!

Join 1910 other designers and make a tabletop game this month.
Ingademo welcome

Welcome to the first official Indie Game Design Month game jam, brought to you by IndieCade. InGaDeMo is a six-week game jam helping designers to create and test tabletop games, which we define as any game, paper or digital, that is best played by multiple people sitting around a table. InGaDeMo is a community of designers—both novice and experienced—who have each committed to creating a new tabletop game between our kickoff on February 20th and our final deadline of April 3rd. InGaDeMo is not a competition, rather it's an effort to create intimate collaborative communities of designers around the world.

Everyone is welcome to join InGaDeMo! The jame follows four easy steps:

  • Create an InGaDeMo account and review the jam rules and resources.
  • Create your multi-player tabletop game experience based on any theme between February 20th - April 3rd.
  • Update the community on your game's progress with posts on your account blog and by organizing playtests through our system.
  • Support the community by interacting with other developer blogs and attending local playtests in your area!

How to Get Started

Any time on or after February 20, join the InGaDeMo community by clicking the "Create new account" button in the nav bar on the left. This will take you through the registration process and will ask you important questions, including what area of the world you live in. From this info, we can help you find nearby playtests run by other InGaDeMo designers throughout the world. (Note: This new system is currently in beta and is best optimized for use in the USA, for now.)

Once you've registered, you can start a blog for your game and sign up to host or attend playtests throughout the six-week time period. We'll give you encouragement and resources throughout that time, including a schedule of milestones and educational design videos that can help you plan your game development creation timeline.

Whether you've never made a game before or you're a seasoned designer, we're happy to have you as part of the InGaDeMo community. Our goal is to help more people get involved in game design and we're really excited to see what you come up with this year. Thanks for joining us