//IndieCade 2010 Game U Program on Sunday October 10th

Get a taste of what it’s like to get a college degree in game design from some of America’s top game design programs. All sessions take place Sunday, October 10 at Kay ‘n’ Dave’s unless otherwise indicated

Gamewalk and Big Games free and open to the public Saturday 10/9 1-7 PM & Sunday 10/10 1-5 PM

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//Session Descriptions

The Art institute of California - Los Angeles 11:00am

Game Wizards Panel
The Game Wizards Video Game Production Team at The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles is a team of student developers whose mission is to create unique games in an environment similar to a real game development studio. Founded in 2003,Game Wizards has produced more than 18 titles and was the only U.S. team in the Educational Category to place in the $1m Make Something Unreal Contest and came in 2nd in the world.

In this session hear from the student leads of the various Game Wizards team projects currently in development as they come to the end of their most ambitious production cycle to date with 9 different titles. How has Game Wizards helped them become more marketable as they finalize their portfolios? What has Game Wizards taught them and what skills will they take with them once they graduate? What skills does one need to create a game?

During this session, attendees will receive an opportunity* to attend a Z Brush Workshop held at The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles later this fall, taught by Academic Director of Game Art &Design and Game Programming, one of the only 14 certified by Pixologic, instructors of the package.

*Workshop to be held at a later date. There will be limited number seats available to the workshop. For more details, please attend the workshop session.

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) 12:00pm

Design a game in 45 minutes? Impossible. Or is it?: The 45 Minute Game Design Challenge
The key to game design is the design --> test --> refine cycle, which happens to be just the process we’ll use to create games during the super fast, super fun 45 Minute Game Design Challenge. Come join in and we’ll find out just how much game goodness can be produced in a short amount of time.

John Sharp, Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta

The Guildhall at SMU 1:00pm

So You Want To Work for a Game Company
This 45 minute session will feature panel of LA game developers who will provide potential students with information on the game industry as a viable career. Panelists will discuss how to prepare for a career in the game development industry, including possible educational options. Additional topics include roles and responsibilities on a team, specializations one can pursue, and the work required to complete a game. Moderating the panel will be Ron Jenkins from The Guildhall as SMU, one of the nation’s leading graduate level video game development educational programs.

-Ron Jenkins (Moderator)
Deputy Director for Development and External Affairs, The Guildhall at SMU

-Jane Chung (Panel Participant)
Production Coordinator, Activision

-Paul Ohanian (Panel Participant)
Lead Gameplay Programmer, Electronic Arts

Georgia Institute of Technology Digital Media Program 2:00pm (Media Park)

PacMan Meets Hopscotch: Chalk Game Modding Design Workshop
Georgia Tech game design professor, IndieCade Festival Chair, and Codename Games partner Celia Pearce gives a “taster” of her beginning game design class, Game Design as Cultural Practice, with this immersive game design exercise that involves making hopscotch versions of popular video games. Working in small teams, participants will attempt to identify the core mechanic of the video game of their choice and translate that into an analog version in chalk on the pavement. This workshop will take place at Media Park and, depending on how much fun we are having, may go past the allotted 45-minute time frame. Bring sunscreen and comfortable clothes! Targeted to High School students but also suitable to Jr. High students.

Celia Pearce, Director, Experimental Game Lab, Georgia Tech

LA Film School 3:00pm

Games: Inside Out
Game design is a fun and creative process. In this workshop presented by Faculty from The Los Angeles Film School’s Game Production Program, participants will get hands-on with some key elements of the game design process as they explore game development through a series of engaging exercises including discussion, brainstorming and prototyping.

-Michael Blackledge. Program Director, Game Production The Los Angeles Film School
Michael Blackledge is the Head of the Game Production Degree Program at The Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California. Prior to joining The Los Angeles Film School, Blackledge was a Director within Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Product Development Studios. Blackledge has also held various technical and management roles at Hasbro- Wizards of the Coast, Microsoft and Arizona State University, and is credited on over 100 video games.

-Daniel Boutros, Course Director, Game Design, The Los Angeles Film School
Dan Butros has worked as a consultant on games for Namco, Capcom, Sony has contributed to the Soul Calibur and Tekken series, UFC 09 and the Bitmap Bros' Speedball. Most recently, Dan designed acclaimed puzzle game Trixel and worked on The Unconcerned - a finalist design award at SXSW Screenburn. His journalistic credits include EGM, EGMNow, Gamasutra, CVG.co.uk, VG247 and G4TV.

-Karen McMullan, Course Director, Game Design and Level Design, The Los Angeles Film School
Karen McMullan brings over a decade of professional game and level design experience to the Los Angeles Film School. The newest member of the faculty, she comes to LAFS from AAA game developer Ensemble Studios where she worked as a designer on Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion (PC), Age of Mythology (PC), Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion (PC), Age of Empires III (PC), Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs Expansion (PC) and Halo Wars (XBOX 360). She has a Bachelor of Environmental Design from Texas A&M University.