//Free IndieCade Gamewalk!

Saturday, October 9 1-7 PM and Sunday, October 10 1-5 PM
Downtown Culver City turns into an arcade!

The IndieCade Gamewalk is similar to an artwalk, but instead of just looking at a piece of art, you are interacting with it to truly evoke an emotional experience. Below you will find an overview of the various stops on the gamewalk. Do not miss this unique opportunity to experience many of these games for the first time.

The Gamewalk is FREE and open to the public.

//Times When Developers Will Be By Their Games For Free Artist Talks

Saturday, October 9th:

Sunday, October 10th:

//The Culver City FireStation One

The Firestation will host a broad selection of IndieCade finalist games, everything from Sock Puppet Theater Diplomacy to a large physical installation will be displayed in this family friendly space.

// Culverland

A portion of the sidewalk turns into a board game as Candyland meets Culver City in this public art installation.(Seen above)

//The Grand Casino Café and Bakery

Grand Casino is the home of IndieCade’s Game Design Café, a space for meeting up with indie developers from all over the globe to share, find collaborative partners, and to engage in fun, fast, creative play related to IndieCade festival games. Sunday boasts board game and sock puppet workshops.

//The Gregg Fleishman Studio

The Gregg Fleishmann Studio is IndieCade MMX festival headquarters. Highlighting two growing and important fields of modern game design and displayed amongst Fleishman’s wonderful pieces, find high-energy physical gameplay, as well as quiet and thought provoking documentary style experiences..

//The IndieCade Village designed by Gregg Fleishman

The “Village” hosts three structures. One is the home base for all of IndieCade’s outdoor games. This is the place to register and gather for all the outdoor games of the festival. The other two structures feature jury-selected mobile and board games. Whether on a phone, carried in a small pouch, or played by running wildly away from ravenous zombies, the “Village” features game experiences that reach beyond our living rooms into the world around us.


Lunch Cafe will hold a select display of a handful of past IndieCade finalists and awardees that have gone on to great success on a variety of platforms. These are just few examples of the great independent work from around the world that has gone on to become successful in the mainstream industry.


Independent games have been spreading rapidly to the console market. In WWA Gallery, there is the opportunity to explore independent console titles from this year and even reach back to the consoles of yester-year. The games displayed at the WWA are independent games dealing with serious issues and darker themes.

//Kay N’ Daves

Join leading University and College game programs for a variety of workshops at IndieCade’s Game U, throughout the day Sunday.