IndieCade Festival
October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
IndieCade Europe
October 19 - 20
Paris, France

Conference Descriptions

IndieCade 2014: Communities, Cliques and Cultures.

As we looked back across the months since IndieCade 2013, and as we looked forward to IndieCade 2014, we couldn’t help but reflect on the state of our community. We quickly realized we were talking about communities—overlapping cliques, cultures, groups and mindsets—that overlap here at IndieCade.

An important part of maintaining a community is understanding where the community has come from so that we can understand where its going. These reflections enable us to honor those that got us here, avoid mistakes of the past or other industries, as well as to build a vision of the future to which we should all work to move toward.

In putting together this year’s conference, there are a few conversations we hope to help focus and maybe even progress. Things like celebrating our diversity of makers and games. Finding ways for more of us to make games a sustainable enterprise. Sharing our practices and games with one another and the larger public. Understanding the impact indie games have had so we can begin to see where we can go.

Come, play, chat and make games with us. Let’s get inspired and chart the course of indie games!

Naomi Clark, John Sharp & Akira Thompson
Co-Chairs, IndieCade Conference 2014

IndieCade Panels and Workshops: take a break from the games to gain insight and knowledge from their creators. Learn about games and gaming inside and out, at inspiring discussions featuring world-class developers, industry executives, and creative minds.



Indie Business Models and The Path(s) to Sustainability

Speakers: Robin Hunicke, Adam Saltsman, Kellee Santiago




Friday, October 10th @ Activities / Stage

As indie games continue to mature and respond to the ever-changing landscape, we see an increased focus on finding new ways for gamemakers to experiment with how we make, market and sell our games. Whether it be rethinking the old publisher/developer models or simply striving for an economically sustainable way to continue making games, there is a lot under foot to put a firmer foundation under indie gamemaking. Join a group of seasoned indies working in a wide range of ways to plot out the future of indie games.



From the Basements to the Streets: 5 Years of Videogame Arts Organizing

Speakers: Jim Munroe, Miguel Sternberg

48600 - 52200 Sunday, October 12th @ City Hall

"The Hand Eye Society both initiated and have consistently innovated in making videogames an integral and respectable part of our broader cultural fabric... All of us, everywhere else in the world, are still simply following the trails they've blazed." -Brandon Boyer, IGF Chairman and Austin's Juegos Rancheros founder Established in 2009, Toronto's Hand Eye Society is the world's first videogame arts organization. In the hopes of inspiring other community engagers, co-founders Miguel Sternberg and Jim Munroe will be presenting lessons learned from its scrappy volunteered-powered origins to its current partnerships with the city's largest cultural institutions.



Let's Do Something About It: A discussion about Race in Game Development

Speakers: Shawn Alexander Allen, Catt Small, TJ Thomas, Fatima Zenine Villanueva

50400 - 54000 Saturday, October 11th @ Ivy

An action-oriented, solutions-based discussion about race in games as well as ways to further integrate members of diverse groups into this community. Join a group of indie developers as they think through race and the indie game scene.



Let's not Make a Scene: The Ups and Downs of Independent Community

Speakers: Aevee Bee, Mattie Brice, Bennett Foddy, Toni Pizza, Archie Prakash, Toni Rocca

50400 - 54000 Friday, October 10th @ Ivy

Many noteworthy and popular games bear the traces of the communities within which they were created. There's a dark side to community as well, however--who gets to decide what comprises a scene or a creative community? What does it mean to gather with people of similar outlooks or experiences when doing creative work? Why do some creators end up being used as representatives, spokespeople, or tokens for their perceived community, and what happens when other people feel shut out, rightly or not? Join our panelists as we talk about the ups and downs of creating conferences, building and becoming communities, and being identified as part of a scene, online and off.



The Secret Histories of Indie Games

Speakers: Laine Nooney, John Romero, anna anthropy

54000 - 57600 Sunday, October 12th @ Ivy

Does indie have a history? Of course it does, though it is not well-known or often discussed. Join us for looks at lesser-known moments in our history.




Speakers: Matthew Conway, Robin Hunicke, Deirdra Kiai, Liz Ryerson, Cory Seeger

55800 - 59400 Friday, October 10th @ Foshay

A session NOT about games. Liz Ryerson, Deirdra Kiai and Franklin Cosgrove & Archgame will talk about their influences outside of games that have impacted and inspired their work and why. This IndieCade perennial is always one of the more eye-opening sessions where indie developers derive their inspirations.



Why ___ Matters

Speakers: Elizabeth LaPensée, Richard Lemarchand, Diana Santiago, Ian Bogost, Daphny David, Mattie Brice

39600 - 43200 Sunday, October 12th @ City Hall

We spend so much time in the game community living and breathing games that we often lose sight of why we love and make games. In a series of short, powerful talks, six speakers are going to take 8 minutes each to tell us about what fuels their passion for games and their vision for indie games and our communities.



A Conversation on Indie Economics

Speakers: Raph Koster, Greg Costikyan

48600 - 52200 Sunday, October 12th @ Ivy

Are we at the end of the indie boom, or at a turning point before a new beginning? Can we make independent development financially sustainable in today's landscape? Can we learn from the evolution and structures that have enabled creators and communities to thrive in other media ecosystems? Raph Koster and Greg Costikyan, two long-time opinionated veterans of development in and out of independent spheres, explore this question in conversation and debate with each other.



Politics in Games: The Creation of Message and Meaning

Speakers: Naomi Clark, Mohini Dutta, Patricia Hernandez, Ben Norskov, Eddo Stern

54000 - 57600 Sunday, October 12th @ City Hall

Every game expresses some kind of political stance -- even if it's an unremarkable acceptance of the status quo. Games that inspire more interesting political reactions arrive at their politics in a number of different ways -- whether through one creator's passion for a cause or the opportunity to partner with a non-profit institution trying to get the word out, or in a less purely deliberate way, as messages and meaning emerge from the creative process. The political import of a game can also emerge when it's encountered by players, who respond with creativity and interpretation to recognize implications of game mechanics, narrative, and the entanglement of the two. Join us as a set of panelists with a diverse approach towards games discuss the ways in which politics have played a part in the creation and reception of their games.



Collectives and Development Communities: Why its beneficial to start or join one!

Speakers: Teddy Diefenbach, Ben Esposito (Glitch City), Jamie Sanchez (Indie City), Will Lewis (PIGSquad), Adriel Wallick, Juegos Rancheros, Babycastles

50400 - 54000 Saturday, October 11th @ City Hall

Much of the stronger work in indie games is emerging from inside of strong, supportive communities. Why is this happening? How are these communities supporting indies? Come here are representatives from Babycastles NYC, Glitch City LA, Portland Indie Games Squad (PIG Squad), Indie City Chicago, Juegos Rancheros Austin, and Adriel Wallick, a nomad developer.



D&D Turns 40: A Keynote Conversation on its Impact and Legacy

Speakers: Jon Peterson, Sam Roberts, Jennell Jaquays

41400 - 45000 Saturday, October 11th @ Ivy

Back in 1974, Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. published the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons. 40 years and five editions later, we are still feeling the effects of this release. D&D historian Jon Peterson and RPG designer and artist Jennell Jaquays join Sam Roberts in a conversation marking the anniversary.



Reports from Indie Outposts

Speakers: Dajana Dimovska, Rami Ismail, James Mielke

55800 - 59400 Saturday, October 11th @ Ivy

Ever wonder what's going on in other indie game communities? Do they do things differently? What are they playing? Reports from Indie Outposts gives a look into four indie scenes from around the world.



A Conversation with Pendleton Ward and David O'Reilly

Speakers: Colleen Macklin, David OReilly, Pendleton Ward

41400 - 45000 Friday, October 10th @ Ivy

Taking a look at yourself through the eyes of others is often an insightful experience. In this case, we will be looking through the eyes of two of the most intriguing animators and filmmakers of the day. Please join Colleen Macklin as she talks with directors Pendleton Ward and David O'Reilly about games and game culture.



So, SpyParty, like, WTF?

Speakers: Chris Hecker

50400 - 54000 Friday, October 10th @ Foshay

I need to use two hands to calculate how long SpyParty has been in development. Is this a bad thing? If so, how bad? Can I even know how good or bad, given that I'm in the middle of it? At the very least, what are the upsides and downsides of this kind (slow) of development? What on earth am I even doing? Will it ever ship? Will anyone care if/when it finally does? I will ruminate on these and other questions, share some experiences from the ride so far, and discuss my plan, such as it is, for the future.



Can We Play with the Past? Games, Narrative, and Historical Context

Speakers: Peter Brinson, Joshua DeBonis, Tracy Fullerton, John Sharp, Eric Zimmerman

55800 - 59400 Friday, October 10th @ Ivy

From life near a small pond in mid-19th century Massachusetts to the tumultuous events of May 1968 in Paris, France to pondering the inner life of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh, game designers have increasingly looked to explore history in games. Games are adept at letting us imagine possible or fantastic scenarios, but they can also provide a lens on the events and figures of history, recontextualizing elements of the past in ways that other forms of culture often don't. Four gamemakers discuss their work and the challenges of using history as source material for gameplay and narrative.



Misogyny, Misinformation and Misunderstanding: An IndieCade Town Hall

Speakers: TBA

36000 - 39600 Sunday, October 12th @ City Hall

As indie games have become a more important and influential part of the industry and game culture as a whole, we confront a wide range of issues and opportunities. Misogyny stands out as a critical problem. Join the IndieCade community for an open conversation exploring recent and ongoing attacks on the women in our communities. We will consider the causes, and seek constructive, actionable steps we can take.



Ninten-Do's and Don’ts

Speakers: Dajana Dimovska – KnapNok Games, Sean Velasco – Yacht Club Games, John Warner – Over the Moon Games, Damon Baker and Mark Griffin – Nintendo Licensing

36000 - 39600 Saturday, October 11th @ Ivy

What's it like to work with Nintendo? Join a panel of critically-acclaimed independent developers as they share their stories and experiences in bringing fantastic games to Nintendo platforms. Featuring the visionaries behind such titles as The Fall, Shovel Knight and Affordable Space Adventures, this casual conversation will focus on the creative process, challenges and success stories in creating and distributing content on the Nintendo eShop.




Speakers: Adam Boyes

36000 - 39600 Friday, October 10th @ Ivy

“If you don’t make your game, nobody else will”, Speaker Adam Boyes, Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations, In today’s world where you are always within a tweet’s reach, the constant feedback on your creative work can be a boon or bane. Finding the constructive feedback amidst the noise is critical to making your game as you envision and paramount to maintaining your sanity – because if you don’t nobody else will. Adam will discuss his tactics for dealing with constant feedback and how to maintain your creativity throughout.

Show Hours

  • October 9th - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM - IndieXchange (Pre Event Developer Summit)
  • October 10th
    • 9:30 AM Conference Opens
    • 12 PM IndieCade Village Opens
    • 4 PM Nominee and Awardee media preview.
    • 5 - 7 PM Beer Garden IndieCade Village
  • October 11th
    • 9:30 AM Conference Opens
    • 10 AM IndieCade Village Opens
    • GameU Opens
    • Firestation One Nominee and Awardee Gallery Opens
    • 4:30 PM GameSlam
    • 6 - 7 PM IndieCade Village Closed
    • 7 - 11 PM Night Games
  • October 12th
    • 9:30 AM Conference Opens
    • 10 AM IndieCade Village Opens
    • GameU Opens
    • Firestation One Nominee and Awardee Gallery Opens
    • 6 PM Closing Awards and Party

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