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IndieCade Festival Games

October 11-13 Santa Monica, CA

What is IndieCade?

The IndieCade Festival is the premiere international event dedicated to celebrating independent games from around the globe. Now in its second decade, IndieCade is held each October in the Los Angeles area and this important, fun-filled event draws industry and public from around the world.

IndieCade Festival 2018, October 12th - 13th (preceded by IndieXchange on the 11th), offers a unique opportunity to play and preview the latest innovative indie games of all types and from around the world. Attendees enjoy the opportunity to play new and innovative games and meet with their creators, as well as sessions, workshops, business networking, social activities, tournaments, entertainment and more. IndieCade kicks off with an in-depth game developer summit with creators of new titles, as well as legends from across the industry.

2018 Festival Games


One Hand Clapping

Escape From Godot


Just Shapes and Beats

Lazer Mazer

IndieCade features games of all types and genres from all around the world. The festival offers the unique opportunity to come to the festival and play these games and meet the creators. Explore the games now!

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