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October 16, 2015

Special Exhibit Will Focus Attention on Diversity in Game Making, Game Creators, and Game Content

LOS ANGELES—OCT 16, 2015— IndieCade, the premier international festival of independent games, in association with Intel Corporation, is presenting a special ‘Gaming for Everyone’ Pavilion at IndieCade Festival 2015. The Pavilion will feature organizations, individuals and other underrepresented groups whose work inspire and contribute to diversity in gaming, game development, and the games industry as a whole. The Pavilion will be open during all Festival days, October 23-25, 2015 in Culver City, CA.

In addition, Intel will host a special Town Hall meeting on Sunday, October 25 at 11:30am that will focus on Diversity, Inclusivity and Games, and will be moderated by Jane Pinckard & Lee Machen.

Despite indie development becoming a more important and influential part of the industry and game culture as a whole, and with an ever-increasing number of women, people of color, and members of various underrepresented communities in games, substantial barriers still remain. The Town Hall discussion is meant to drive a collaborative and open discussion around the challenges, the successes, and actionable steps for the community to take to address these substantial barriers that keep gaming from being a truly inclusive and diverse space.

“IndieCade is constantly inspired by amazing people in the independent games scene who work to make gaming a better experience for everyone,” said Stephanie Barish, CEO and Co-Founder, IndieCade. “Not only have the gamemakers made a significant impact in progressing the indie gaming movement forward but their respective work truly reflects the ever-changing environment and entertainment experiences being developed today.”

“It’s important for the entire industry – from hardware manufacturers, to developers, to publishers, to players – to not only recognize and celebrate the diversity that helps make our games an explosive and vibrant art form, but also confront directly the remaining challenges that discourage diversity in games,” said Christos Georgiopoulos, vice president, Software and Services Group; general manager, Developer Relations Division, Intel Corporation. “Intel is proud to sponsor the ‘Gaming for Everyone’ Pavilion and we looking forward to welcoming attendees and showcasing the variety and creativity unlocked by an open and inclusive industry.”

The annual IndieCade Festival celebrates some of the most creative and diverse independent games of the year while also establishing a leading voice in the promotion, cultivation, and community of independent games development. Tickets for the festival are now available on the IndieCade website at The All Access pass grants admission to the Awards Ceremony, IndieXchange, the Professional Conference think:indie, Night Games, the Beer Garden Party and much more.

‘Gaming for Everyone’ is an IndieCade initiative meant to focus attention on diversity in games, spanning the video game life cycle from the creators building the games, to the stories and content included in games, all the way to the people who enjoy and experience the end products. The Intel sponsored Pavilion at this year’s Festival will host ten different groups that represent these factions of diversity as follows:

Code for Good - Gamejams can be used to transcend barriers. We can offer non-developers the opportunity to become developers, show developers that they can be game developers, and help game developers do awesome things that can change the world.

Dames Making Games - DMG demonstrates the value and impact of diversity in a broad range of disciplines related to games, highlights the achievements and stories of diverse game-makers, & provides a community and venue for dames to confidently explore playing, critiquing, and creating games. Offers a wide range of free events, workshops, resources and services to their community of trans and cis women, queer and gender queer game-makers and their friends.

Different Games - creates community-building events to support and promote marginalized voices in DIY and independent games. For three years the Different Games Conference has addressed the need for creating safer spaces for games community members to share about our work and experiences.

FemHype - offers a safe space for all women and non-binary folks to discuss, review, and visually share their love of video games. Whether submitting an article, watching our videos on #FemHypeYT, chatting in the comments, or connecting through social media, FemHype aims to feature our voices within a safe, inclusive environment intended for everyone.

Fresh Out of Tokens / #INeedDiverseGames - Podcast & blog giving voice to those who might not be heard in gaming. Addresses issues of diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and feminism in gaming.

HNDP LA - empowers the next generation of content creators by providing free workshops and activities using games development, music production and art to teach entrepreneurial skills to under-served students. Their emphasis is on using mobile devices to provide hands on experiences producing games, music and other forms of media. Because internet access and desktop computers are less available in under-served communities, mobile devices are the perfect platform to reach students.

MidBoss LLC -  is a gaming, tech, and geek culture company based in San Francisco that focuses on alternative and LGBTQ lifestyles that encompass gaming culture. Under the MidBoss banner, projects like GaymerX, Read Only Memories, GXdev, Minus World and Gaming In Color endeavor to create a better gaming community for queer geeks. The company's goal is to create a safe space for everyone who loves games, where they can enjoy and express themselves through games however they choose. Everyone games.

Pixelles - is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering more women to make and change games. Pixelles organizes free monthly workshops, a mentorship program for aspiring women-in-games, game jams, socials and more.

The Code Liberation Foundation - Hosts free & affordable workshops and video tutorials to teach women the skills required to make video games.

Turning off the Screen: How to Make Games More Physically Accessible - By using a mod of the first scene of Gone Home as a springboard, “Turning off the Screen” aims to open up the conversation of customization in regards to physical inclusivity and accessibility.

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