//About Us

IndieCade supports independent game development and organizes a series of international events showcasing the future of independent games. There are a few things we’d like you to know about us:
  • All volunteer workforce

    The members of the community help IndieCade to keep going because we love games. We want games to be recognized for their innovation and artistry. We all work to help create a public perception of games as rich, diverse, artistic, and culturally significant.

  • Open community (Not exclusive)

    As long as you are interested in games that challenge, expand horizons, and are enjoyable then you are a welcome addition to the IndieCade community.

  • Sponsor supported

    Even with the volunteer support, putting on the festival takes hundreds of thousands of dollars. IndieCade is 100% independent. This means we aren’t owned by a major corporation and must find appropriate sponsors in order to make this festival happen every year. When we partner with a sponsor we work hard to make sure that we stick to our commitment to showcasing and bringing to public quality and meaningful games.


Stephanie Barish

Founder & CEO

Sam Gustman

Chairman of the Board

Sam Roberts

Festival Director

Celia Pearce

Festival Chair

Drea Clark

Festival Producer

Erin Shaver

Operations Manager

Gail Cayetano

Chair, Business Development & Marketing

Jason Torchinsky

2012 Art Director

Robert Brown

Public Relations, The Bohle Company

Leilani Gushiken

Special Events Producer

Akira Thompson

Gamemaker Relations

Spring Lee

Sponsor Relations

Taiyoung Ryu

Asia Regional Chair

Jerrett Zaroski

Internet Director

Scott Stephan

Volunteer Relations

Mei Dean Francis

Marketing Coordinator

Chris Cantoni

Social Media Coordinator

Justin Guthreau

Community Outreach

Committee Chairs

Gamemaker Relations Advisory Committee

Nathan Vella, Kris Piotrowski, Doug Wilson, Colleen Macklin

Conference Committee

John Sharp, Richard Lemarchand, & Tracy Fullerton (co-chairs), Riley Pietch (coordinator)

Festival Panels, Activities, and Workshops

Drew Davison & Greg Snyder (co-chair), Trevor Moorman & Joe Sklover (big games co-curators), Max Temkin (board games co-curator)

Jury Committee

Kellee Santiago (Awards Jury chair), Jury co-chair TBA

Technology Committee

Colm Seeley, Ryan French & Scott Wyant (co-chair)

IndieXchange Committee

Jane Pinckard (co-chair), Geoff Zatkin (advisor)

Awards Ceremony Committee

Mare Shepard & Myles Nye (co-chairs)

Steering Committee (ad hoc)

Michael John, Robert Nashak, Sue Bohle, Alvin Lumanlan, & Robin Hunicke (advisor)