IndieCade Festival
October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
IndieCade Europe
October 19 - 20
Paris, France

Past Awardees

IndieCade Awardees 2017 Click to expand

Busy Work

by Mouse & the Billionaire

Cat Sorter VR

by Pawmigo Games

Cosmic Top Secret

by klassefilm


by Red Candle Games


by Sharang Biswas and Sweta Mohapatra

Oikospiel Book I

by Koch Games

Plunder Panic

by The Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab at Michigan State University

The Incredible Playable Show

by Alistair Aitcheson

Tracking Ida

by Tracking Ida Team

Walden, a game

by USC Game Innovation Lab

IndieCade Europe Awardees 2017 Click to expand

A Guy and his Hero

by A Team and its Game

Bury me, my Love

by The Pixel Hunt and Figs, ARTE

Do not Feed the Monkeys

by Fictiorama Studios


by Skeleton Business

IndieCade Awardees 2016 Click to expand

Bad News

by Expressive Intelligence Studio


by Capital W

Hyper Light Drifter

by Heart Machine


by Corazon Del Sol


by Somi (Individual)


by Logan Olson


by Disney Research Pittsburgh

We Are Chicago

by Culture Shock Games

You Must be 18 or Older to Enter

by Seemingly Pointless

IndieCade Europe Awardees 2016 Click to expand


by Ocelot Society


by Piece of Cake Studios

Old Man's Journey

by Broken Rules

IndieCade Awardees 2015 Click to expand


by Winnie Song

Codex Bash

by Alistair Aitcheson


by Naomi Clark

Donut County

by Ben Esposito

Fabulous Beasts

by Studio TBC

Her Story

by Sam Barlow

Line Wobbler

by Robin Baumgarten

Rose MacBeth

by Wise Guys Events

Tribal & Error

by Grotman

IndieCade Awardees 2014 Click to expand

Choice Chamber

by Studio Bean

Close Your

by Goodbye World Games


by Phosfiend Systems


by Loveshack


by Chris Hassebrook, T. A. Pribbenow, & Kyle Bromley

Hack 'n' Slash

by Double Fine Productions


by Down to the Wire


by Metanet Software


by Little Wins LLC


by DigiPen Team Mocha

Use of Force

by Emblematic Group - Nonny de la Peña

IndieCade Awardees 2013 Click to expand

  • Quadrilateral Cowboy by Blendo Games
  • Kentucky Route Zero by Cardboard Computer
  • Gone Home by The Fullbright Company
  • Dog Eat Dog by Liwanag Press
  • Spaceteam by Henry Smith
  • Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party by KnapNok Games & Redgrim
  • Porpentine's Twine Compilation by Porpentine
  • Killer Queen Arcade by Joshua DeBonis & Nikita Mikros
  • SLASHDASH by Nevernaut
  • TowerFall by Matt Makes Games

IndieCade Awardees 2012 Click to expand

  • Unmanned by molleindustria
  • The Stanley Parable by Davey Wreden
  • Vornheim by Zak S.
  • INTERFERENCE by Eric Zimmerman & Nathalie Pozzi
  • Armada d6 by Eric Zimmerman & John Sharp
  • Reality Ends Here by Jeff Watson, Simon Wiscombe, & Tracy Fullerton
  • Botanicula by Amanita Designs
  • Gorogoa by Jason Roberts
  • Dyad by RSBLSB
  • Renga by wallFour
  • Hokra by Ramiro Corbetta

IndieCade Awardees 2011 Click to expand

  • The Depths to Which I Sink by Bigpants
  • Proteus by Ed Key and David Kanaga
  • Way by CoCo&Co
  • Deepak Fights Robots by Tom Sennett
  • FEZ by Polytron Corporation
  • Ordnungswissenschaft by Till Wittwer, Marek Plichta, and Jakob Penca
  • The Swapper by Facepalm Games
  • Johann Sebastian Joust by Douglas Wilson & Friends
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP by Superbrothers, Capybara Games, and Jim Guthrie

IndieCade Awardees 2010 Click to expand

  • Spirits by Spaces of Play
  • Miegakure by Marc ten Bosh
  • Retro/Grade by 24 Caret Games
  • The Games of Nonchalance by Nonchalance
  • The Cat and the Coup by Peter Brinson and Kurosh ValaNejad
  • Sixteen Tons by Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman
  • VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh
  • Continuity by Ragtime Games
  • Groping in the Dark by Team Arex
  • Humans vs Zombies by Gnarwhal Studios
  • LIMBO by Playdead
  • Faraway by Steph Thirion
  • A Slow Year by Ian Bogost
  • B.U.T.T.O.N (Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now) by Copenhagen Game Collective

IndieCade Awardees 2009 Click to expand

  • The Deep Sleep Initiative ARx
  • Eliss by Steph Thirion
  • Minor Battle by The Peanut Gallery / USC IMD Game Innovation Lab
  • Osmos by Hemisphere Games
  • Closure by Tyler Glaiel and Jon Schubbe
  • Moon Stories by Daniel Benmergui
  • Tuning by Cactus / Jonatan Soderstrom
  • Train by Brenda Brathwaite
  • Dear Esther by thechineseroom
  • Aether by Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel
  • Papermint by Avaloop
  • Spectre by Vaguely Spectacular Team / USC IMD Game Innovation Lab

IndieCade Awardees 2008 Click to expand

  • Machinarium Amanita Design
  • ibb and obb by Richard Boeser
  • Rückblende by Nils Deneken
  • Dark Room Sex Game IT University of Copenhagen
  • Gravitation by Jason Rohrer
  • The Night Journey by EA Game Innovation Lab, USC Interactive Media
  • levelHead by Julian Oliver
  • The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom by The Odd Gentlemen