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IndieCade East is a festival & conference about indepdendent games happening April 29 - May 1, 2016 at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City.

Letter from the IndieCade East 2016 Co-Chairs

Hello hello! I’m Toni Pizza, the standing Co-Chair of IndieCade East. This year I’m delighted to welcome a new Co-Chair to the team: Simon Ferrari. He got his start as IndieCade’s eSports curator three years ago, eventually taking on double duty with IndieCade East’s eSports Showcase as well. Ever since Simon was a teeny tiny graduate student, IndieCade has been his favorite conference; the opportunity to meet indie devs from all over the world and demo their games in intimate settings (instead of the usual cavernous conference halls) is irresistible.

IndieCade East 2016 is happening April 29-May 1 at The Museum of the Moving Image in New York City. To avoid battling snowflakes and weather related travel delays, we’ve switched things up and pushed the event back a couple of months. Now we can frolic in the sunshine like our Culver City counterparts!

This year, we’re pumping up the conference with new blood… international blood! In order to better support the growth and thriving of the East coast indie community, we have invited Conference Chairs Jennie Robinson Faber and Henry Faber to bring their expertise in media arts to the table. They’ve done crucial work to support games and tech in Toronto through their work at Bento Miso and Dames Making Games, and now they will be bringing all sorts of awesome workshops and performative events to our home in the Museum of the Moving Image.

Heading up this year’s Festival curation (that means the games!) are Brian Chung and GJ Lee, who run the Sheep’s Meow event series that regularly brings together game developers from across the tristate area. In our humble opinion, nobody is better suited to know which great games have never been seen before (and must be seen) by devs and fans in New York. Finally, because Simon must vacate his eSports Curatorship, NYU’s own Josh Melnick is stepping up to the plate to host all sorts of competitive and spectatorial goodies. Former IndieCade East Chair Matt Parker is back to run the oh-so-popular Show & Tell, and our longtime partner from Come Out & Play, Greg Trefry, is curating Night Games.

As always, we’re working hard to make IndieCade East a vibrant, welcoming, and community-focused experience for our speakers, gamemakers, and guests. Alongside our usual programming we are stepping up our game to include practical sessions and opportunities for designers creating works in non-commercial spaces. There are many ways to navigate the “indie scene,” and we are excited to have the opportunity to expand what we offer to encourage, inspire, and strengthen our communities in new ways.

The entire organizing team is excited to bring you another year of incredible IndieCade East content; this time, without the snow (we hope...)! We’ll see you in April!

Hearts and Pizza Slices,
Toni Pizza & Simon Ferrari
IndieCade East 2016 Co-Chairs

IndieCade East Co-Chairs

Toni Pizza is a game designer, educator, and community organizer interested in the intersection of games, play, community, and representation. She is the co-founder and Director of Production of Secret Crush Corporation, an indie game design studio focused on designing heartbreakingly fun, action-oriented games. She also works as a designer and producer with the Brooklyn-based game design studio, Gigantic Mechanic, designing and running games that involve everything from plastic fruit to laser pointers. She teaches various courses on game design at NYU and SVA. She graduated from the NYU Game Center’s MFA program in 2014.

Simon Ferrari is an indie games business developer and conference organizer. He worked for a year at the Indie Fund, scouting out new games and helping developers become financially independent. Ferrari was also responsible for building the eSports Showcase program for IndieCade in LA and New York. He currently serves on the advisory board for the NYU Game Center Incubator, where he has also taught and produced events in the past.

Conference Co-Chairs

Jennie Robinson Faber is a software developer, community facilitator and advocate for equity in game culture and community media. She got her start in radio production and TV news, and is now focused on helping others learn new ways of sharing wisdom and experiences through non-traditional storytelling and play.

She is a co-founder and director of Dames Making Games, a feminist game arts collective, where she oversees events and programming, develops game engines and technical tools, and leads educational programs for artists from diverse fields; on the board of game and interactive arts organizations including Toronto Media Arts Centre, Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace and Justify; and partner in Bento Box Projects, where she’s worked on creative projects with the CBC, CTV, Joel Bakan & Mark Achbar (The Corporation), David Suzuki Foundation, Adbusters and the Federal NDP.

She’s spoken about feminism in media art and games, workplace diversity and building engaged and sustainable creative communities. Jennie also organizes Bit Bazaar, Toronto’s unique festival of indie games, zines and local food attended by over 3,000 people three times a year.

Henry Faber is a consultant focused on fostering strong collaborative communities, and building communication and productivity skills in small companies. He excels at breaking down complex problems into understandable, executable goals for organizations and individuals.

With over 15 years of experience in executing design and product development strategies for clients such as Adbusters, Greenpeace, The Federal NDP, Mark Achbar and Joel Bakan (award winning Canadian documentary The Corporation); The CBC, CTV, Faber helps smart entrepreneurs turn great ideas into successful projects and businesses. He founded Bento Box Projects, Inc., a successful business and Web application development firm, in 1999.

In 2011, Faber co-founded Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace, a not-for-profit membership-based workspace centered on promoting creative and financial sustainability for independent creatives. As director of community development, he has helped organize over 300 events, consulted with dozens of Web application and video game startups, and has collaborated with a broad range of Ontario-based community arts groups, academic organizations and for-profit businesses.

During his past four years developing the community at Miso, Faber has been involved as a mentor in the development of several game projects, including Asteroid Base’s PAX-featured game, LOVERS IN A DANGEROUS SPACE TIME, Bloom Digital's LONG STORY, Pop Sandbox’s LOUD ON PLANET X, Kara Stone/Dames Making Games’ MEDICATION MEDITATION, and Golden Gear Games’ FATE TECTONICS.

Additionally, Faber has been offering time to feminist game making organization Dames Making Games Toronto to provide workshops on project scoping, management and marketing.

With deep connections within the Miso community, Faber has the unique opportunity to draw on highly skilled expertise literally working right outside of his door as he has advocated member-driven development initiatives that encourage the participation of the community to contribute to its collective success.

Festival Co-Chairs

Brian S. Chung is a game designer, artist, and educator. Community is at the core of all of his work.

His professional game design work has included serving as the lead game designer and design team manager at Fantage; as a game designer at Sony Online Entertainment for the EverQuest franchise; and as a game designer or user experience designer for brands such as the NBA, LEGO, PowerBar, and more. His independent work has been showcased at festivals and galleries internationally.

He is the cofounder and codirector of The Sheep's Meow, which supports creators of games and interactive art. Through this organization, he helps put together events like the NYC Arcade and the NJ Arcade, some of the largest events in the New York City and New Jersey region. In the past, he has served as codirector of the New Jersey chapter of the International Game Developers Association, coproducing events and programming to grow the community at the greatest rate that the state has seen. He is an advisor for the New York City chapter.

He is the game design program coordinator at Bloomfield College, where he teaches game design and development for the Creative Arts & Technology division. He has also taught students from a wide range of backgrounds and ages for various courses and workshops at schools like Parsons, CUNY Hostos, NYU ITP, Young Game Makers, and Montclair Art Museum.

GJ Lee is an artist, game designer, and developer from the NYC area. She is the cofounder of The Sheep's Meow, an independent game studio and community organization that focuses on making game creation inclusive and accessible. She makes interactive work that incorporates various disciplines and has exhibited them at festivals and galleries internationally. She also teaches at institutions like Parsons and Bloomfield College.

Workshop Co-Chairs

Jeremy Gibson Bond is a lecturer teaching game design and development at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor and an independent game designer/developer. He is the founder of ExNinja Interactive and the author of Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development, and book on game design and prototyping using Unity that will be released in the summer of 2014.

From 2009-2013, Jeremy was an Assistant Professor teaching game design for the Interactive Media and Games Division of the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, which was named the #1 game design school in North America throughout his tenure there. Since 2013, Jeremy has served IndieCade as the Chair for Education and Advancement where he is responsible for the IndieXchange and GameU tracks.

Jeremy also apparently has the distinction of being the first person to ever teach game design in Costa Rica.

Juan Gril, Joju Games Founder and Studio Manager, has more than 16 years of experience developing casual games. Joju Games produces casual games for international clients including Atari, MTV Networks, and Disney.

Juan is Advisor for the Free2Play Design and Business Summit at GDC, and judge for the ""Sense of Wonder Night"" Game Festival at Tokyo Game Show. The former head of Yahoo! Games Studios and a founding member of the team, he thinks video games are the coolest thing ever.

Night Games Chair

Greg Trefry has wide array of experience designing games—everything from web-based MMOs to hit casual games to alternate reality games. He co-founded the game design studio Gigantic Mechanic to explore the bounds of game design through mobile games that interact with the real-world. He serves as director of the Come Out & Play Festival, a festival of street games in New York City. Greg teaches at New York University and recently wrote the book, Casual Game Design: Designing Play for the Gamer in All of Us.

eSports Chair

Josh Melnick is a writer, game designer, and button masher. He is currently a student at NYU pursuing a degree in Game Studies. Melnick is active in a number of local and national fighting game communities, where he helps run events that he promptly loses at. He has placed top 8 at EVO once so far, in the 2014 Divekick tournament. Josh is currently the IndieCade East esports Exhibition curator.


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