IndieCade Festival
October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
IndieCade Europe
October 19 - 20
Paris, France

IndieCade East Keynote Speakers

IndieCade MoMI

Richard Marks directs the PlayStation Magic Lab in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Research & Development division. Magic Lab was founded by Marks to push the boundaries of play by investigating how technology can be used to create new entertainment experiences. Marks joined PlayStation in 1999 to investigate the use of live video input for gaming and develop new interactive user experiences. He helped create the EyeToy and PlayStation Eye cameras and the PlayStation Move controller. Most recently, Marks and his team at Magic Lab have been involved with PlayStation VR, and have also been experimenting with eye tracking technology and other innovations. Marks received a Bachelor of Science in Avionics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate in the field of underwater robotics from Stanford University.

Talk Title: VR Games: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why - Presented by Sony
Virtual reality is finally here and it is amazing! And VR is especially amazing for games, but there are fundamental differences as compared to standard 2d displays. VR provides a sense of presence that enables entirely new games that leverage the scale and space cues that are lost with a 2d display. VR also has a set of new challenges related to locomotion and interaction. This talk explores a wide variety of techniques and game mechanics for VR, some which work well and others which do not, and provides a technological explanation for why this is the case.

IndieCade MoMI

Kate Parsons: Video artist and recent graduate of UCLA's Design Media Arts MFA program. Collaborator with musicians such as RYAT, Kid606, Daedelus, Slugabed, and Baths. Always seeking to create meaningful VR and A/V experiences. Collaborator at with Buffalo Vision.

Talk Title: Presenting Conceptual & Meaningful Explorations in Interdisciplinary Art Tech Performances
Alt Mode began as a conceptual album written and produced by the artist RYAT. RYAT is a composer/performer and producer who works with new technology and media in her performances and installation work. For Alt Mode, RYAT collaborated with a team of visual interactive artists, animators and choreographer Kate Watson Wallace to present the piece in its conceptual makeup. The show debuted in Central Park, NYC for SummerStage .

For this lecture, we will discuss the process of working these complex technological collaborations, discussing new processes and intentions for art tech work for the future.


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