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October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
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October 19 - 20
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Alt-ware Tabletop Game Jam

Thank you to everyone who took part in the jam at IndieCade East 2018! Blinks Dev-Kits were given to 9 teams who then had 12 hours to see what they could come up with. The games were then reviewed by a team of star game designers: Naomi Clark, Nick Fortugno, Luke Crane, and Celia Pearce.

Family by Yuxin Gao and John Bruneau
Award Winners
  • “Out of the Box” - Yuxin Gao and John Bruneau, for their game Family
  • “World Builder” - Jingyu Sui, Charles Hans Huang, and Danyang Guo, for their game 6 Minute Life
  • “Grand Jury Prize” - Wei Yu and Shiyun Liu, for their game BeRrY

The Alt-ware Tabletop Game Jam used Blinks (tactile new hardware developed by MIT Media Lab spinoff, Move38, and first debuted in IndieCade Finalist Fracture). The jam was run by Shawn Pierre (creator of IndieCade Selections Henka Twist Caper and These French Fries are Terrible Hotdogs), with the work of Jason Rohrer as inspiration to create games about the journey of life.

The Blinks Kickstarter is running until March 30th! You can keep up-to-date and back Blinks HERE.


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