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The 2022 Festival may be over, but boy, what a blast it was!
Thank you so much to everyone involved in making the festival happen – especially our amazing Nominees and Award Winners!

Congratulations to our 
Anywhere & Everywhere Festival 2022 Awards
Nominees and Winners!

We are beyond excited to share these innovative indie games with the world. Deep appreciation to the many jurors and committees who reviewed each and every games submitted and had to make the difficult decisions to select these games.

Ambition: A Minuet in Power

Developed by Joy Manufacturing Co.


You’re a woman of fashion trying to survive the French Revolution. Date a cast of unforgettable characters. Amass wealth, respect, and gossip! Alter the course of history, and escape the guillotine.

Released on Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch

Website | Steam Store | Trailer

Artholomew Video’s Stream Challenge

Hosted by Alistair Aitcheson


Description: A suite of creative performances played live on Twitch! Type into chat to direct paintings, dance, music and storytelling, or hop in front of the camera and become your audience’s very own art-puppet!

Released on Itch

WebsiteTrailer | Featured on Beyond Screens

Choppy Copies

Developed by Jonah Warren

Nominated for the Live Action Award

Choppy Copies is a fast-paced art-making game made for virtual reality headsets that allows players to practice and appreciate the skills associated with sculpture in a fun, light-hearted context.

In Development for Oculus Quest 2

Website | Trailer | Featured on Beyond Screens


Developed by the Delfini Team at USC Games

Nominated for the Audio Design Award

Delfini is a casual, two-player game. Playing as dolphins, you and your friend will guide fishes to the coral reefs and bring life back to the ocean.

Released on Itch

Itch PageTrailer | Featured by Twitch Streamer @kimchica

Ghost on the Shore

Developed by like Charlie

Nominated for the Narrative Award

Driven by branching dialogue choices, Ghost on the Shore tells the story of Riley, a young woman who arrives on a desolate island; Josh, a headstrong ghost; and the relationship that develops between the two, while exploring the crumbling homes of the island’s former occupants.

Released on Steam

Steam StoreTrailer

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

Developed by Iko, The Pixel Hunt, ARTE France

Nominated for the Performance Award

Inua is a point-and-click narrative game where three protagonists travel to the same locations in the far north decades apart. Explore each era and collect ideas to change the course of history.

Released on Steam, Mobile, Nintendo Switch

Steam StoreTrailer

Lost in Play

Developed by Happy Juice Games


The bizarre and dreamlike world of Lost in Play is filled with mystery, unique puzzles, and mini-games. Challenge a pirate seagull to a game of clicking crabs, serve magical tea to a royal toad, and collect pieces to build a flying machine. Be a part of this modern point & click game that will reward your curiosity and leave you excited for the next piece of story.

Released on Steam, Nintendo Switch

WebsiteSteam StoreTrailer

Mini Maker: Make A Thing

Developed by Casa Rara Studio

Nominated for the Systemic Design Award

In Mini Maker, you can make any ‘thing’! Use an arsenal of plastic limbs, wonky tools, stickers and googly eyes to assemble creations, please demanding clients, and laugh in the face of perfectionism.

Released on Steam

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer

Remember August

Developed by Shing Yin Khor


Remember August is an experimental live keepsake game by Shing Yin Khor, about forgotten friendships and lost memories, played to the ritual and cadence of sending and receiving postal mail.

Released by Mail

Itch PageWebsite | Featured on Beyond Screens


Developed by Dream Engine Games

Nominated for the Audio Award

Rotaeno is a heart-pounding rhythm game that fully utilizes your device’s gyroscope for an unprecedented musical experience. Rotate your device to hit notes as you soar through the stars.

Released on Mobile

TapTap PageTrailer | Featured by Twitch Streamer @ifndef

Svoboda 1945: Liberation

Developed by Charles Games


Talk to witnesses of the chaotic aftermath of World War 2 and discover the secret history of your own family in a captivating story about reconciliation with the dark past.

Released on Steam, Mobile, Nintendo Switch

Steam StoreApple StoreNintendo StoreTrailer

The Last Clockwinder

Developed by Pontoco

Nominated for the Performance Award

Use a pair of gloves to turn any of your own actions into a looping clockwork automaton, then make an interconnected system of automatons to grow plants, harvest resources, and save an ancient tree!

Released on Steam VR

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer

The Wild at Heart

Developed by Moonlight Kids

Nominated for the Visual Design Award

The Wild at Heart is a story-rich action-adventure game about childhood escapism. Players take command of a magical swarm of curious creatures to battle precarious wildlife and supernatural foes, construct and craft new pathways, and discover the secrets of a forgotten world.

Released on Humble Store, Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch

Humble StoreTrailer


Developed by Eggnut

Nominated for the Visual Design Award

Backbone is a post-noir narrative adventure. Become raccoon private eye Howard Lotor and explore dystopian Vancouver inhabited by animals as you uncover a deeply personal story of change and transformation.

Released on Steam

Steam StoreTrailer


Developed by Matajuegos


Atuel is a surrealist documentary game in which you traverse an oneiric landscape inspired by the topography and wildlife of the Atuel River, in Argentina. The game utilizes clips from interviews with locals, exploring our intimate and historic relationships with land and nature.

Released on Itch

Itch PageTrailer | Featured on Twitch


Developed by Michael Ford and Masato Lin

Nominated for the Tabletop Design Award

Description: Ambush! is a fast-paced, fantasy-themed strategy card game with exciting, dynamic gameplay centered around a cast of colorful characters with unique, game-changing abilities.

Released on The Game Crafter

Product PageBehind-the-Scenes Video | Featured on Beyond Screens

Babble Royale

Developed by Everybody House Games


Babble Royale is an intense multiplayer free-for-all that combines word-making skill with fast-paced tactical and strategic action. Outwit, outspell, and outlast your opponents to have the Last Word!

Released on Steam

Steam StoreTrailer | Featured by Twitch Streamer @kimchica


Developed by Plethora Project

Nominated for the Impact Award

Common’hood is a squatter simulation and management game where craft the means to survive and build a utopian community within an abandoned factory.

Released on Steam

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer


Developed by Seb Pines

Nominated for the Tabletop Design Award

An old house, your new home… and you aren’t the only restless one. Summon ghosts, dredge up memories, and mark your body in the solo roleplaying game that is Dwelling.

Released as Physical Book

Product Page | Featured on Beyond Screens

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Developed by Broken Rules

Nominated for the Visual Design Award

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees is a hopeful game about the beauty of wilderness and the destructive force of human civilization. Players must master a dynamic movement system to swing, slide and somersault through a hand-painted jungle, experiencing the story of a lost gibbon searching for home amid rising devastation.

Released on Steam, Mobile, Nintendo Switch


Kitchen Kauldron

Developed by The Kitchen Kauldron Team @ ArtCenter

Nominated for the Live Action Award

Join Wendy the Witch’s crew and help turn her struggling magical business venture around. Serve fantastical creatures and embark through magical lands in a real-life gamified food truck experience.

Released as Live-Action Roleplay on an Interactive Set


MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying

Developed by 9th Level Games

Nominated for the Tabletop Design Award

MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying is a TTRPG inspired by classic sword & sorcery dungeon crawlers from the 70s but built for today with the elegant, easy to learn, fast to play polymorph rules system.

Released as Game Book

Itch PageProduct PageWebsiteTrailer | Featured on Beyond Screens

Night Reverie

Developed by Somber Pixel

Nominated for the Narrative Award

Night Reverie is a Puzzle/Adventure game in which a child must solve the mystery behind the distortion of his house.

Released on Steam

Steam StoreTrailer

Slender Threads

Developed by Blyts

Nominated for the Performance Award

Slender Threads is a point-and-click thriller adventure where unseen forces bind the fate of an unremarkable traveling salesman to the peculiar town he one day arrives in.

Demo Available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Mobile

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer

The Case of the Golden Idol

Developed by Color Gray


A new kind of detective game that allows you to think and investigate freely. Discover clues surrounding 12 strange and gruesome deaths and build your own theory.

Released on Steam

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer

The Shape of Time

Developed by NExT Studios

Nominated for the Narrative Award

The Shape of Time presents the philosophical reflection on modern time, the process that the contemporary sense of time derails into atomic time, and gives some methods that may save time.

Released on Itch

Itch Page | Featured by Twitch Streamer @kimchica


Developed by Witch Beam


Description: Unpacking is a zen puzzle game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home, while telling the life story of a woman through the items she owns.

Released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, GOG

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer


Developed by Mouse & the Billionaire / Whaaat!? Lab


In the future, humanity has wiped itself out, but every other entity on Earth has become sentient and escaped together in a ship to find a new home. You run the information kiosk at that ship’s mall.

Demo Available as Custom Voice-Controlled Installation

WebsiteTrailer | Featured on Beyond Screens


Developed by Jason Newman and Craig Collver

Nominated for the Audio Design Award

Explore mystical islands, make strange new friends, and unlock epic secrets in the atmospheric open world puzzle adventure Akurra!

Demo Available on Steam

Steam StoreTrailer

Apotheorasis • Lab of the Blind Gods

Developed by Tall Guy Productions

Nominated for the Audio Design Award

Apotheorasis is an FPS with zero graphics – close your eyes and let the 3D audio immerse you in its dark and twisted narrative, as you run, blast and dodge your way to the truth.

Released on Steam

Steam StoreTrailer

Birds Don’t Cry At Sunrise

Developed by Jib Leekitwattana

Nominated for the Impact Award

Description: Birds Don’t Cry at Sunrise is a short, narrative-driven psychological horror game about beliefs and family, where the players become ‘Lin,’ a girl who woke up to her house morphed into a nightmare.

Released on Itch

Itch PageTrailer | Featured by Twitch Streamer @ifndef

Creative Dying Card Game

Developed by Affinity Games

Nominated for the Tabletop Design Award

Creative Dying is a conversation game that offers a low-stakes, accessible way to have meaningful discussions about life, death and dying, with ways to play in-person and remotely.

Released as Physical Cards

Itch Page | The Game Crafter Page | WebsiteTrailer | Featured on Beyond Screens

Gambling Paradise: The Escape Call

Developed by Chien Pastèque Studio

Nominated for the Live Action Award

Gambling Paradise: The Escape Call is an immersive alternative controller escape game where you have to guide your AI partner through a casino while dodging the guards so you can escape with the loot!

Released on Itch; Also part of a Physical Installation

Itch PageTrailer | Featured on Beyond Screens


Developed by TLR Games


IDEA is about discovering and sharing your ideas. Explore gorgeous landscapes captured by drones! Get lost and help your ideas find their way. Share your own thoughts with the world when getting stuck!

Demo Available on Steam

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer

Long Story: a deep time LARP

Developed by Laura op de Beke

Nominated for the Live Action Award

Join a multi-species cast on a journey into the future. Travel hundreds and millions of years to explore a restless world: hot and swampy one era, cool and arid the next. How will you adapt?

Released on Itch

Itch Page | Featured on Beyond Screens

Midnight Protocol

Developed by LuGus Studios


A tactical narrative-driven RPG with unique keyboard-only controls. Hack into servers, beat security systems and discover encrypted secrets while you try to find answers to why and how you got doxxed.

Released on Steam, GOG

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer

Radio Ghost

Developed by ZU-UK

Nominated for the Live Action Award

A 3-player audio driven, walking game. You are a ghost-hunter, broadcasting your journey through a haunted Mall. Tune into the sounds of DJ IVA, making you long for a time that never existed.

Released as In-Person Experience on Android

Website | Featured on Beyond Screens

Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator

Developed by Strange Scaffold

Nominated for the Systemic Design Award

Buy, sell, and trade organs in a strange and evolving universe. Dive into the quivering innards of alien capitalism in the sci-fi body horror market tycoon game you didn’t know you needed. You are an Organ Trader, the funnel for fleshy meat parts into a strange, evolving, and desperate universe full of clients.

Released on Steam, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Status: Released PageXbox GamePass Page | Trailer

The Fabulous Fear Machine

Developed by Fictiorama Studios

Nominated for the Visual Design Award

The Fabulous Fear Machine is a narrative-driven strategy game with a pulp horror style. As the Machine’s new Master, you must sow fear & expand your influence through resource management & espionage.

Demo Available on Steam

Steam StoreTrailer

The Wandering Village

Developed by Stray Fawn Studio

Nominated for the Systemic Design Award

The Wandering Village is a city-building simulation game on the back of a giant, wandering creature. Build your settlement and form a symbiotic relationship with the colossus.

Released for Early Access on Steam, Coming to Xbox

Steam StoreWebsiteTrailer

Return at Night

Developed by Yiwen Hsu


“Return at Night” is a virtual reality horror game, the content of the game is the fear of women returning home alone at night.

Limited Availability for VR

Hsu’s WebsiteTrailer


Developed by Kazuki Yuhara

Honorable Mention

A VR interactive animation that centers on the theme of paternal love. The father in this story is a scientist who creates you, the player, in hopes to grow you into the woman that he loved and lost.

Released for Meta Quest2


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