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1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday

About 1979 REVOLUTION: Black Friday

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is choice driven, narrative adventure game that brings players into the brooding world of a nation on the verge of collapse. Play as Reza, an aspiring photojournalist, and make life and death decisions as you survive the gritty streets of Iran in the late 1970’s. This game is based on real stories, real events, and real people.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Our vision at iNK is to bring edgy, real stories to gaming. Gonzo style, impact forward, entertaining games to mainstream audiences of which, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is the first installment. We designed 1979 Revolution based on the real events and eyewitness testimonies of the social unraveling that took place in Tehran, Iran and led to the era defining revolution. In creating this character driven adventure game, we allow players to take a personal journey into the heart of darkness of revolution, making choices within the real events that proved to become the genesis of contemporary middle eastern relations. Sparking a new genre, 1979 storms into gaming, bringing identity and depth to the middle east, beyond terrorists or prophets, as usually limited by mainstream media.



Developer Info

Writer/Director - Navid Khonari
Executive Producer - Vassiliki Khonsari
Producer - Andres Perez-Duarte
Cinematics - Sam Butin/ Zach Raymond
Photos - Michel Setboun

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