Anamorphic Agency

A virtual reality experience of a personal recreation and resolution with sleep paralysis.

About Anamorphic Agency

A simulation of the developer's experience with sleep paralysis using an Oculus Rift headset, a Neurosky brainwave reader, and a customized chair.



Developer Info

Julie Huynh is an artist and interaction designer specializing in play and virtual spaces. Beginning her studies in Studio Art and English Literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara, she recently completed her MFA at Parson’s Design & Technology. Her works incorporate an array of components, varying from Arduino, Kinect, openFrameworks, and Unity. Her work aims to make playful spaces using technology to create another level of interaction for users.

Developer's Artistic Statement

As a result of suffering from sleep paralysis in my childhood, I became afraid to go to sleep, so I found that by concentrating on specific objects during the episode, I could wake myself up. Thinking these experiences were abnormal, I grew older to find others who experienced this disorder as well. Writing stories about my experiences and keeping dream journals were some methods of coping with this sleep disorder. However as my coping progressed, I ventured down artful avenues of expression, recreating these experiences in Anamorphic Agency.

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