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Classroom Aquatic

Classroom Aquatic is the world’s first underwater stealth school simulator! Players play as a foreign exchange diver student in a school for dolphins, going through a semester of tests they are in no way prepared for, and so must cheat their way to top of the class!

About Classroom Aquatic

Remember taking tests in school? You felt sick to your stomach when you were given a quiz you didn’t study for. You'd do anything to get the right answers...

Would you even take a peek at the test next to you? Would you risk cheating off of your dolphin classmate?

Classroom Aquatic is the world’s first stealth trivia game. You play as a foreign exchange diver student on a semester abroad in a school for dolphins. You’re given a test with ten impossible questions and five minutes to finish. You’ll have to manipulate, sabotage, and cheat your way to the top of the class without being caught by your classmates or the teachers!

Classroom Aquatic is being designed around VR headsets. Almost every game has an abstraction between what the player does in real life (e.g., typing on a keyboard, using a controller, rolling dice) and what happens in the game. Classroom Aquatic has an immediacy that other games don't: you’ll be reliving the terror of being caught cheating, because you’re going to be doing the cheating.

Cheating has always been on the periphery of games, and as a deeply immoral act. Classroom Aquatic is the first game that wants you to cheat! Cheating makes you feel sneaky, makes you feel smart, makes you feel empowered: you’re going to do something you know is wrong and get away with it; you’re going to outwit everyone else who actually studied for the test; you’re going to ace a quiz that nobody else would ever know a single answer to. In Classroom Aquatic, cheating is fun!

Developer's Artistic Statement

Classroom Aquatic is designed to be the best introduction to VR games. With its one-to-one HMD controls, whimsical environment, and all too familiar gameplay scenario, Classroom Aquatic is the perfect example of how designers can use VR devices to create fun, innovative games.



Developer Info

Sunken Places is a Los Angeles independent game development group.

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