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October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
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October 19 - 20
Paris, France


EctoPlaza is a stretchy ghost smash ‘em up set at the number one spectral spa and resort. Choose from a colorful cast of ghastly guests and have the time of your afterlife as you rocket into your friends at blistering speeds in a variety of locations and game modes.

About EctoPlaza

Greetings Ghoulies and Ghosties! Are you dying for an experience unlike any other? Do you want to make the most of life after life? Then don’t pass away on EctoPlaza, the number one resort for spirits in their golden ghastly years. EctoPlaza is a competitive 2D platformer set at the number one spectral spa and resort in the afterlife. With reservations at EctoPlaza lasting for all eternity, the hotel's ghastly guests have developed a bad case of cabin fever and are literally bouncing off the walls. Described as "Smash Bros. meets Angry Birds," players will master a multi-tiered fling system and a slew of special abilities to outmaneuver and rocket into their opponents at blistering speeds.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The couch is a living room hotspot. From kids to parents, pets to babysitters, that sweet sweet sofa is a hotly contested piece of household furniture. As such, we wanted to create a true couch multiplayer experience, one where the intuitive controls and inviting aesthetic could be appreciated and mastered by all ages. We feel that EctoPlaza's inventive world, unique stretch based mechanics, and thematic celebration of play make our game a delight for casual players and e-sports enthusiasts alike.



Developer Info

Syndicate Atomic. Servicing gamer humans since 1974. We love the consumer.

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