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Emily Is Away

Sign in again and relive your awkward teenage years with Emily is Away, an interactive story set in a retro chat client.

About Emily Is Away

Remember a time before Facebook and Skype? When Windows XP was the next big thing and AIM was king. Relive that era with Emily is Away, an interactive story. Create a screenname and browse buddy infos in this chat-bot meets adventure game. Explore your relationship with Emily, a fellow high school student, in a branching narrative where you choose the outcome. And most importantly, change your text color to lime green so people know you're the coolest kid in school.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Emily is Away is an art game driven by nostalgia and awkward teenage memories. The aesthetic is a romanticized version of early 2000's computing. It features a branching narrative based on my own personal experiences. The result is somewhere between a chat bot and an adventure game. It's my hope that the nostalgic interface transports the player back into their own memories, allowing the narrative to connect with them on a more personal level.



Developer Info

Kyle Seeley is an indie from Boston and the solo-developer behind Emily is Away. He fondly remembers his first computer, the sounds of dial-up, and creating his AIM screenname.

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