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Gathering Sky

Guide a flock of birds on a playful journey across the sky.

About Gathering Sky

Gathering Sky is a brief, meditative experience about guiding a flock of birds. You start with a single bird high above the ground. Guide the bird through the sky with your touch or a mouse, exploring the world and finding other birds to join you. Your flock grows as you travel across the beautiful skies of a far-off land and create an expressive story without words.

Developer's Artistic Statement

To us, “play” means finding your own goals - doing something for its own sake and not for points or achievements.

Gathering Sky is an experiment in inviting play without the traditional design tools of goals, challenges, and rewards. Without goals, will people feel lost? Without challenges, will the experience still be compelling? We built Gathering Sky to answer these questions and to more fully explore the space of the medium.

As we struggled with designing an experience without goals, we kept returning to this image of lying in a field of grass watching clouds drift by. One day a flock of birds drifted into this mental image. We imagined tracing the paths of birds with a finger, then imagined that the birds were instead following our fingers, and from that point the game very much blossomed on its own.



  • Platform: Android, Humble Store, Linux, Mac, Mobile, PC, Steam, iOS
  • Developer: A Stranger Gravity
  • Website:

Developer Info

We’re A Stranger Gravity, three friends who met as university students in 2011. We all came to a game design class as strangers from different backgrounds but we quickly realized that we shared an uncommon dissatisfaction with the status quo in games. Since then we haven’t stopped talking and making and playing, long after leaving school for programming jobs. Every night after work we conspire to build unusual and thoroughly imaginative games. We're driven by a passion for games as artistic expression, a wish to delight and surprise strangers, and a refusal to outgrow the child in each of us. We hope that soon we’ll be able to spend all of our time doing these things.

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