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About Overland

Overland is a new 3D survival tactics game from the creator of Canabalt. In Overland, players guide an evolving cast of survivors on a road trip through a ruined continent. To survive the trip, players scavenge for fuel, weapons, and other supplies to help them keep moving and protect themselves from the strange, sound-sensitive creatures roaming the remains of North America.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Overland started as a board game prototype in 2013 and was ported to unity in early 2014. Bekah and Adam realized they were onto something and over the course of 2014 filled out the Overland team with collaborators with a lot of vision and talent.

We are obsessed with a lot of things, not the least of which is western american art, a slow apocalypse with no Bruce Willis character to save the world, muted colors, coral reefs, real human relationships and a soundscape that feels alive and tangible. We took all of these things and built them into a sparse world filled full of real people and their pets with the instructions to drive west. The mechanics are real world mechanics- we are scavenging for gas, building trust among fellow travelers and trying to stay safe.



Developer Info

Adam Saltsman: Designer, Programmer
Heather Penn: Art Director
Jocelyn Reyes: Sound Director
Rebekah Saltsman: Production, Writing, Design
Yurika Nishi: Animation

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