IndieCade Festival
October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
IndieCade Europe
October 19 - 20
Paris, France

Pygmalion's Challenge

Players collect coins by finding people wearing a leather bracelet. Point your device at the bracelet and collect the coins. Deposit 100 coins at our booth in the Digital Selects tent to buy a key. Return to the marker to unlock the key and take a selfie of yourself with the colorful, animated sculpture.

About Pygmalion's Challenge

The goal of our game is to unlock the sculptures in the garden, bringing the characters to life. Players moved in and around the Parthenon Museum grounds in Nashville, moving between sculptural markers and the treasury located in the back of the Parthenon to collect coins using their iPhone or Android.

For Indiecade, we are using leather bracelets as markers. Find a bracelet and you can play the game.

Players collect coins, as many as they can carry and then deposit them at the Parthenon. With 100 coins you can buy a key and return to the garden to release colorful animated characters from the sculptures. Players will have the opportunity to pose with the virtual characters and share photos with friends on social media.

Developer's Artistic Statement

This game is an attempt to encourage physical exercise in an outdoor environment. Players collect coins at locations, and then redeem the coins at a location farther away to encourage exercise. The game was installed at a park in Nashville TN and needed to exist as public art, with or without the game being played on a mobile device.


Developer Info

Bryan is a new media artist and professor teaching digital design. Rebecca is a landscape architect and also an illustrator. Rebecca designed the markers with her illustrations and included plantings to help integrate the markers into the landscape.

Bryan focused on game-play and programming to develop a game that would encourage kids to play and to share their experience with their friends. The game includes the ability to share screenshots of the augmented reality characters to Facebook and Twitter.

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