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October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
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October 19 - 20
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Reflections is a dynamic narrative adventure where the actions you take alter the outcome of your life, set in a stark black and white world.

About Reflections

Reflections tells a dynamically branching story where players make choices about how to act in important moments throughout their lives. The game uses a unique black and white aesthetic, where the world becomes flushed with color as you make important choices about how to spend your finite time. Rather than being based on story branches, the game uses the "Storyteller" system to determine gaming habits and branches play based on that profile. The game also makes fully use of Tobii EyeX, bringing a deeper level of immersion to character and object interaction.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Reflections started as an exploration of the hidden choices inherent in how we choose to spend our time during seemingly innocuous moments throughout our lives. Reflections is a game about hidden choices, where seemingly trivial interactions have a larger impact than any specific action you take, defining your priorities and identity. Reflections is defined not just by what you choose, but by what you don't choose, as well as what you didn't even know was an option. Our goal is to look at choice in a less empowering but more credible way. Often, the most important thing in your life isn't the big work you did, but rather what you chose to do once the chores were done. At it's core, that's what Reflections is about.



Developer Info

Broken Window Studios was founded in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter for our flagship title, Grave. We have since expanded our portfolio to include Reflections, a dynamic narrative adventure being featured with Tobii EyeX a this year's Indiecade festival. Broken Window Studios is committed to the creation of experimental and experiential games, with an emphasis on pushing boundaries of what to expect from games.

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