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Tribal & Error

Discover, use and master an extinct language to help cavemen survive the ice age!

About Tribal & Error

You-re a robot sent back to observe the ancient times.
But, the ice age is coming. And to save humanity you need to learn their language first. You observe and copy Cavemen speech bubbles with strange symbols in them. Repeat these symbols to Cavemen. How they respond can give an idea what these words might mean. Translation can then be added by your own interpretation, therefore in your and any other language. Once mastered you'll be able to converse with cavemen in their language. Now you can teach them the much needed skills of prehistoric survival.

Developer's Artistic Statement

"We strive to innovate by going back to design’s primordial soup."



Developer Info

We are Grotman, an indie studio based in the Netherlands within the Utrecht school of Arts. Like many other developers we are gamers at heart, however we did not come together
out a shared love for the same games. We each bring a diverse list inspirations, as a result we are not set to master the creation of single genre. We strive to innovate by going back to design’s primordial soup. Building our vision from the ground up, we aim to free ourselves from the limitations of genres.

IndieCade Awards

IndieCade Festival 2015 - Interaction Award

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