Aboard the Lookinglass

Aboard The Lookinglass is a virtual reality, gesture controlled, sci-fi adventure game.

About Aboard the Lookinglass

Playing as Alice, you explore a deserted vessel in the past, present and future. Your hands are portals to different times, allowing you to affect the environment in time-bending ways. As you progress, your vision of the future becomes increasingly bleak.



Developer Info

Indie game developer based in the UK. I like to experiment.

Find me on Twitter: @henryhoffman

Developer's Artistic Statement

Inspired by popular science-fiction literature, the vision was to create an impossible experience, and use that as a crux for the gameplay design. In this case, the simple act of looking through your own hands into another world. Building on this core idea, I introduced time, and suddenly, looking into different timeframes created this wonderful interaction where you uncover contextual storyline very naturally.

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