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a•part•ment: a separated place

Nick just got dumped by his girlfriend of four years — join him as he reclaims his space. A story of relationships.

About a•part•ment: a separated place

Nick Connor just got dumped by Madison, his girlfriend of four years. Enter his life in the wake of their breakup and explore his memories of their relationship. a•part•ment is a narrative-driven adventure game that will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux in Spring 2016 on Steam and DRM-free.

a•part•ment is an intimate look at Nick's state of mind as he picks through the wreckage of his relationship with Madison. Join him as he seeks self-consolation in the apartment they once shared. Venture outside to visit his neighbors: a displaced loner, a lost daughter, a grieving widow, an uncertain newlywed. Enter their apartments — their lives, their relationships, their innermost thoughts — as they seek their own resolutions.

Developer's Artistic Statement

We wanted to tell a relatable story; a story about a relationship that failed for everyday reasons rather than due to high drama. We wanted players to connect with the story so that they might relate the experiences within the game to their experiences in real life.

A large portion of the game takes place in Nick and Madison's apartment. Our intent here is to allow the player to shadow Nick as he goes through the post-breakup grieving process. The moments in which you can view Nick's thoughts (which we affectionately call Focus Mode), closely mimic the behavior and mental state of someone actually going through a breakup. Nick's inability to open the front door and leave the apartment emphasizes his reluctance to emerge from his grief. Detritus of the relationship, objects that remind Nick of specific moments during their time together, collects throughout the apartment as your progress.

Just beyond the walls of Nick's apartment are his neighbors, each with their own struggles for you to discover. Their stories are told through a series of interactive vignettes. This allowed us to deliberately craft different play mechanics to suit each character



Developer Info

The Elsewhere Company is a two-person independent studio dedicated to creating empathetic and narrative-driven interactive experiences. Their first title, a•part•ment: a separated place, is the result of a long collaboration between the Elsewhere Company and their friends. It is set to release in Spring 2016.

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