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Black Bottom Parade

About Black Bottom Parade

Black Bottom Parade is played on an interactive table. The game builds on the New Orleans tradition of the jazz funeral, players control a band of three musician grim reapers leading a group of deceased revellers across a 1920s New Orleans take on the River Styx. The revelers, unaware of their absinthe-soaked demise, continue to dance and party as the band accompanies them on trip through purgatory on a high flying unstable platform. Black Bottom Parade effectively leverages of the aesthetics of Mardi Gras to heighten the emotion and complexity of the interactive experience.

Developer Info

Black Bottom Parade was created by a group of SCAD students from Hong Kong and Atlanta, at Savannah College of Art and Design. The students were guided in their research by SCAD professors John Sharp, Matthew Maloney and David Spencer.

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