About Cardamom

Cardamom is an interactive musical where the player, as a cat, becomes involved with the three tenants of a nearby apartment complex.



Developer Info

Bethany Martin - Lead Designer
Bryan Zhang - Co-Producer
Allison Comrie - Co-Producer
Catie Jones - Art Director
Amber Ansdell - Concept Artist
Hannah Bosnian - Artist
Marcus Emery - Animator
Erika Gomi - Artist
Maria Ferreri - Narrative Lead
Anna Brown - Writer
Sydney Lang - Writer
Alex Ruger - Lead Composer
Crystal Chan - Songwriter
Andy Frosberg - Composer
Kyle Laporte - Composer
Aaron Rosapepe - Sound Designer
Sherilyn Martin - Sound Assitant
Mari Kyle - Singer
Cuaotemo Marquez - Singer
Ivan Tsang - Singer

Developer's Artistic Statement

We a group of game makers who think cats and musicals are important!

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