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Cat VS Dog

About Cat VS Dog

"Cat VS Dog" is a multi-player, indoor, location-based game that uses our own unique game platform. It's a game that requires players to run from room to room in an indoor setting and players' phones will know his or her location.

How do you play? Within 5 minutes, two teams (cat team and dog team) run to different rooms inside one building to try and claim as many rooms as possible. But be careful, players can plant "virtual bombs!" If any players step on one of these bombs, his or her team will lose points and he/she will have to save their self by running to the hospital located within the building.



Developer Info

"Horizon Run" is a team from Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). This game is based on a new gaming platform built by the team. This platform provides an easy and fast indoor location mapping and tracking technology based on WiFi access points. With this platform, the team has developed an app ("Where am I") and two mobile games; "Cats vs. Dogs" and "BlooMon." The team is further developing this technology to make it better and is also looking forward to see other developers create more games using this new platform!

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