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October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
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October 19 - 20
Paris, France


About Chasm

Chasm is a 2D Action-RPG Platformer currently in development for Windows, Mac, & Linux. Taking equal inspiration from hack 'n slash dungeon crawlers and Metroidvania-style platformers, it will immerse you in a 2D fantasy world full of exciting treasure, deadly enemies, and abundant secrets.

• Explore six massive Metroid-like dungeons procedurally assembled from hand-crafted rooms
• Enjoy challenging retro gameplay and gorgeous authentic pixel art (384x216 native resolution)
• Discover new special abilities and powers to reach previously inaccessible areas
• Play how you want by equipping weapons, spellbooks, shields, and more to both hands
• Uncover random loot drops and rare items
• Avoid devious traps and battle massive bosses
• Includes Normal, Arena, Time Trial & Hardcore Modes
• Leaderboards for Hardcore playthroughs featuring quickest time and more
• Windows, Mac, & Linux versions with Gamepad support

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  • Platform: Playstation 4
  • Developer: Discord Games

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