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Close Castles

About Close Castles

Close Castles is a fast paced competitive city builder that feels like a fighting game. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s castle, but first you have to build a thriving kingdom. Plop down houses, draw roads to your enemy, and watch your loyal citizens attack! The buildings you decide to create (and where you place them) will determine the fate of your kingdom!

Developer's Artistic Statement

Close Castles was created as an attempt to take the twitch out of competitive gaming. I love the intimacy and sportsmanship of local competitive games, but I don’t like having to master tiny windows of opportunity or getting frustrated at mistimed button presses. I wanted to make a game about strategy and decision-making. In Close Castles you clearly define your intentions at a high level and then the game takes care of the nitty-gritty of handling the actual combat.



  • Platform: Multiplayer
  • Developer: Sirvo

Developer Info

Asher Vollmer is a Los Angeles game designer who embraces minimalism and elegance at every possible opportunity. He most recently released a mobile game called "Threes!" to critical acclaim, but he is now taking a break from commercial game development in order to focus on creating interesting niche experiences.

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