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October 11 - 13
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About DemocraSea

DemocraSea is a tabletop loot-splitting game for aspiring politician-pirates. Win the most treasure using friendship, guns, or a parrot who echoes your vote when it matters most! Pirates take turns exploring the board of Sea Tiles, choosing to swashbuckle (collect loot and items) or parlay (split the loot). During parlay, each pirate takes a share of the loot secretly from the chest, hiding it in one hand. When the chest is empty, everyone votes on whether to keep the shares they took, or return them. To gain the support of the crew, it's important to be fair. Just...not too fair. Will you take what you deserve? Or maybe a little extra? Can you trust the pirates who reached in before you?

Developer's Artistic Statement

We wanted to design a game centered on Madisonian democracy: dividing resources among multiple, competing powers. We thought pirate hats would be more fun than powdered wigs. The game is intended to be funny, intense and educational. Every choice in DemocraSea feels like a risk, and a big coalition can always beat an individual genius--just like in real politics. The look and feel of DemocraSea is also important to its gameplay: tactile components encourage players to imagine themselves into this high-stakes world of politician-pirates.


Developer Info

Natalie Mesnard - Producer
Patrick Watson - Designer
Katie Khau - Artist

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