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Doors to the City

About Doors to the City

An experimental, planetary skating game built in collaboration with The Josh Craig of Looking Glass. A merging of planetary platforming, skating, urban culture, poetry, immersion, and super-vivid visuals created from scratch with the additional help of several renown graffiti artists. The scene of the game are the imaginative worlds Josh imagines as his domain. Depending on the area of the system he is in, a different memory will trigger. He will need to capture all memories to inevitably complete only a single thought.

Developer's Artistic Statement

In my own personal artist statement (, I strive for works that blur creative processes, visuals, and reality into one being. The game in part being a biographical approach to real life DJ-Artist The Josh Craig allows a footing in concrete reality to be intermingled with a lot of virtual and creative aspects happening around. The game was a process of realizing my own personal mantra as a creator.

I created this game as a means of several accomplishments-
1.) To challenge myself creatively and visually which is a part of every project. Advance my abilities. In terms of 3D artistry, animation, and C#.
2.) As a single-artist pipeline, I wanted to create an individualistic project outside of the provided music that was able to contend with a AAA level project. Related to extending abilities. I wanted to see what I was capable of to a longer extent versus a team.
3.) Finding innovative methods. I feel I was able to discover that with the implementation of the tech deck controller and 3D/holographic display.
4.) Having it be an effective show piece for the friends that I work with at Looking Glass NYC. The game is its own being, for certainty, but also strives to highlight the best qualities of the systems (the Looking Glass, HoloPlayer One) it helps promote.

I want people to feel as if they are part of an experience never before tried. Something that would never be found anywhere else. In terms of controls (tech deck), display (screen, hologram), and in terms of seeing what a single-artist pipeline can achieve after significant effort.



Developer Info

Benjamin Poynter, Lead Developer-3D Artist-Animator-Design

Josh Craig, Music and Sound Design

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