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October 11 - 13
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About Dragoon

Dragoon is a table top strategy game that incorporates elements of area control, adaptive strategy, and enough chance to keep players on their toes. Taking the role of dragons, your goal is to amass a hoard of 50 gold by claiming or destroying human villages and cities that populate on the 6x6 grid that make up the playing field. During your turn choose between claiming villages and cities for a chance to pay you tribute, destroy them for instant gold, fight rival dragons, or steal directly from their caves. Play cards from your hand to augment your abilities to gain an edge and plan your turns.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Dragoon was inspired by a simple love of dragons and a passion for fun and gripping table top games that friends and family return to over and over. Taking on the role of mighty dragons fending off the invading humans was a fun twist on the classic fantasy games we group up playing. But at its heart, Dragoon was designed to be fun and accessible to someone brand new to gaming, but offer a depth of strategy to keep seasoned gamers honing their play. The elements of chance inherent in the mechanics ensure that no game will play out the same way, and that players must always be adapting to what each round brings.



Developer Info

Jake Given - Game Developer
Zach Given - Game Developer
Jon Ritter-Roderick - Production Manager
Nick Nazzaro - Art Direction

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