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Drums of War

About Drums of War

Play as a powerful Orc drummer who uses the power of the drums to kill filthy dwarf scum, burn their villages to the ground and free fellow Orcs in a cross between Overlord and Donkey Kong Jungle beat. Use drum sticks in VR to bang a virtual drum kit that moves your Orc and unleashes his powerful arsenal of weaponry.

Drum to the beat of the music to move your Orc across the battle field and launch attacks by banging on weaponized drums.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The original idea for this game came about watching the troll drummers in the Lord of the Rings movies. I thought if I could make people feel like a badass troll drummer then that would be a unique gaming experience. I first wanted to try this when I was working on the Playstation Move game Sports Champions 2. But without the free look that a VR heads up display allows I didn't think I would be able to fulfill my vision. Seeing the drummers at the back of the vehicles in Mad Max Fury Road stoked the idea again. Obsessed with the idea ever since, I picked up and Oculus touch kit last year and did a quick mockup. My goal was to create a new type of music rhythm game. VR music rhythm combat rpg.



Developer Info

Alan Flores - Lead Designer
Mark Scott - Lead Artist

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