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EarthNight is a rougelike runner about the dragon apocalypse. It is unbelievably beautiful and unbelievably hard.

About EarthNight

Dragons have taken over the earth and its up to a 14 year old girl and an unemployed photographer to stop them.

EarthNight is the deepest runner game you will ever play. Each character is controlled with two buttons that have different functions in different situations. The buttons on the right side of the controller are for Jump and the left side are for “Anchor”; it makes you fall faster when you’re airborne and affects your run speed depending on your chosen character. The controls may feel simple, but it will take a lifetime to master them and reach EarthNight.

With only two button controls the game is very accessible but it is punishing to button mashers. It’s a game of finesse and quick reflexes. Only if you master the controls and gain deep knowledge of the systems and mechanics will you find true success.

Featuring hand painted art that has a unique fantastical quality and meticulous level design we intend to change the way you think about the runner genre.



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