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About Epitaph

Epitaph is a competitive tactics game where each player commands a team of three Reapers, the many faces of death, to steal souls away from your enemies and conquer the afterlife. Triumph by forming combos between combatants, setting up brutal moves and countering the plans of your opponent. But be careful – every time a Reaper dies, they come back stronger, so as you are closing towards victory, your opposition also becomes more formidable. Highly tense and fast paced, Epitaph provides the action and creativity of a MOBA team fight mixed with the high-pressure decision-making of Speed Chess.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Epitaph was created as an MFA thesis project at the NYU Game Center, with the goal of developing a tactics game that could be played as an eSport. We wanted to take the strategic planning, discrete positioning, and combinatoric depth of tactics games and put that into a system that was fast and watchable enough to be played competitively. We also wanted to experiment with the idea of death as another layer of strategy, by making our win condition (killing your opponent) also empower the opposition. This system gives Epitaph an additional level of depth and drama, as games remain close and build to a head naturally as the match progresses.



Developer Info

Kailin Zhu
Wyatt Yeong
Jon Moormann

- Kailin is a designer and artist based in Brooklyn. Specializing in Visual communication and Interactive experience design, she make Games, Creative Technologies and Participatory Art. Her previous works were exhibited around the United States, China, Scotland and Quebec.
- Wyatt is an independent game designer and programmer based in New York City. A former technology consultant, he started making digital and tabletop games in 2014.
- Jon is a game designer and writer based in Los Angeles. Outside of game design, he has worked as a writer, a data analyst, and a political consultant. He designs both tabletop and digital games, specializing in Narrative Design, Systems Design, and World Building. His games have been displayed at Boston FIG, IndieCade, and the Babycastles Art Gallery.

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