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October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
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October 19 - 20
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Failsafe is the story of Isra, a young girl who lives in an isolated village that is threatened by an unknown force, buried in the neighboring remnants of a forgotten civilization. She must journey into the ruins that humans abandoned long ago to face this mythologized foe, and will work to uncover the mystery that sits at the heart of their shared world.

About Failsafe

In a small, remote village, on a wasteland of a planet, lives a young girl named Isra. Raised to one day lead her people, she longs instead to follow her uncle’s path and explore the world beyond the safety of their village. As another cycle ends, she convinces him to bring her along on his journey. He has agreed to take Isra to the place where he must travel every cycle in order for their people to survive: The Forgotten.

Using a first person, parkour based movement system to navigate the vast, elaborate terrain of her world, the player, as Isra, is immersed in an explorative adventure game without conventional boundaries. Isra must use her dynamic abilities to overcome improbable physics, understand the limits of her teaching, and finally learn the truth of why they never speak of failsafe.

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